Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Grace

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has been wonderful! 

Mine has been great and then got even better with the arrival of my new little niece, Grace! 

My brother and I had this little code word for each other when it was go time for baby! We used it for Sam and Grace! So when I got the minion holding a banana text on Tuesday afternoon, I knew it was serious. 

I didn't know how serious it would be but next thing I knew was that my brother and SIL were driving out the laneway 15 minutes later. 

My parents, Ryan and I were so excited waiting to hear news that we decided to grab a quick supper from the chip stand and head up to my parents house to eat and guess names, sex, gender while waiting for the call. 

We were hardly sitting down to eat, a few minutes after 6 PM and I got a text from my brother congratulating me on becoming an aunt again. 

They had just drove out the laneway at 4:30 and so we figured he was kidding! I called his bluff and then he sends me a picture of the littlest baby feet. 

That's when we realized how fast this all happened. I guess they got to the hospital at 5 PM and baby made her arrival at 5:50 after only 1 minute of pushing! 

Mom got the call that announced that it was a girl! We were over the moon as this is the first girl in the family in over 7 years! Looking forward to more years of pink, bows and princesses! 

Grace Holly Elaina Hamilton 
Born July 26, 2016 
Weighting 7 lbs 13 oz 
21 inches long 

I got to run up Wednesday morning for a quick visit and some baby snuggles. Is there anything more perfect than a newborn baby? 

Titi is over the moon excited to meet you little girl! You are such a blessing for our family and I am so excited you are here! 



  1. Welcome, Baby Grace. You are so loved already! Congrats to all.xo

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Enjoy having a girl in the family again!!