Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Inductee's Onto Our Christmas Tree

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's snowy and gloomy this morning but I feel chipper because my morning started out wonderfully! Ryan brought me home a Tim Horton's coffee after his night shift and my brother backed my car out of the garage and turned on the seat warmer. So, I had a toasty warm car and a got Tim's coffee to drive Sam to daycare this morning! 

Every year we put up our downstairs "memory" Christmas tree and reminisce about what we have done since we have been together. All the ornaments mean something to us! 

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

The first new ornament I received in a blogger exchange. Actually my original swap partner never contacted me and so it was a bit of a flop! But one of the organizers, Leigh from All You Need is Love sent me this cute ornament so that I wouldn't be left out! I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of her!  

Our church organized a Christmas Hour Tour every year the first Monday in December. About 4 homes open their doors to those who have purchased tickets to see how they decorate for Christmas! I love this annual event and I love to see how people "deck the halls" of their own homes! 

Last year a Norway Bay home was featured and one of my fondest memories was the little playhouse under the stairs and the homemade ornaments. For a small donation to a local food bank, you received one of these beautiful homemade ornaments! 

My fellow crafty friend, Sharon had done a craft day making this ornaments! Last year I was surprised with one that she made that was gifted to me. I love the art of quilting and hope to learn one day and she is my go-to crafting friend for questions. This ornament always gives the appearance of being quilting but it's an art form of fabric folding and pinning! 

Every year my mother in law gifts every one a special ornament from her! This year was an adorable Santa! 

And Sam was included in the tradition and got to hang up his own snow man this year on our tree. We explained that Nana had given it to him last year! He likes to point out his "Nana no man" now when we are downstairs. 

Our traveling has been limited since we have Sam but we hope to do a little bit still as he grows up. It started last year with a family trip to Disney and a Disney cruise. The intention was to go when he was still really young and free to fly! We were so glad we went and there were a few challenges but we loved our first Disney Cruise and will do another likely in the next couple of years! As tradition goes, we had to pick up an ornament to commemorate our first Disney cruise!  

What are your most special ornaments? 



  1. I was sad you didn't sign up this year, but I can understand why. Glad you liked my ornament from last year and that it made it onto your tree :)

  2. I love my hand blown icicles from Germany. I have really pretty ornaments I bought in Europe. My most bittersweet are those from Bethlehem, because it is so far from peaceful there, and ones that hung on my Mom's tree. Every ornament has its own story.