Monday, December 19, 2016

Sick Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! It was rough around these parts as we have all been battling colds. I actually ended up home early from work on Friday afternoon to rest a bit before Sam got home. I just needed to re-charge my batteries. 

We actually ended up having a fun night with friends Amanda and Josh for a little Christmas get together. We had a yummy supper, drinks and rounds of exploding kittens! 

I've been enjoying my new wine glass they got me all weekend! 

Sam actually slept in passed 8 on Saturday because he needed the extra sleep! But I was still feeling rough so when Ryan slept, Sam and I tried to stay quiet. We finished our Christmas baking, watching NEW episodes of Paw Patrol and played! We never did get dressed out of our PJ's until after lunch! ha ha! 

When Sam went down for a nap, I FINALLY got started on the Christmas wrapping. I turned on a Christmas movie and got busy! It felt like Santa's workshop in the basement but I got about 80% of the wrapping done between Saturday and Sunday! The rest I am hoping to get done throughout the evenings this week and on Saturday! 

On Saturday night my husband said he had a surprise. I go upstairs to Sam's room to see he had taken the front rail off of his crib. Umm..Yay? 

He thought that it was a good time and went ahead and did it. We did talk about doing this soon but when he wasn't on night shift so that we could both help in the night when he got up. 

Well, so much for that plan because 30 minutes of trying to get Sam to bed, Ryan left for work for the night and said "Good luck". Ugh! 

Sam did eventually fall asleep but fell out 5 times throughout the night. The first 4 times he needed me to get up and show him how he was ok and how to get back in bed. The 5th time was a success and I watched him through the monitor get back in bed. 

Last night was WAY better and he only fell out 2 times but got back in himself. 

While I am glad we are starting this as it is time, I did feel like strangling my husband for such a "surprise". 

We had a somber church service on Sunday morning as our minister of 8 years is leaving to begin at a new church closer to home. She has been a big part of our lives as she married Ryan and I and baptized Sam. We wish her all the best on her new chapter in her ministry! 

We had a quiet afternoon and Ryan and Sam went out for the early afternoon to shovel and plow our lane way. 

When getting ready for bed Sam picked out his new hockey book, one of his obsessions. And of course he picked out his hockey PJ's too! He was feeling pretty proud!  

How was your weekend? 



  1. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon! Have you thought about getting a rail that attaches to the side for Sam so he doesn't keep falling out?

  2. I hear ya on the colds - I just got my voice back yesterday and can't get rid of this awful cough. Glad you're on the mend :)
    Way to go Sam - I'm so glad you had much better luck than we did, haha! Such a big boy now!
    We'll all have to plan a day and go to Nancy's new church in Orleans, which isn't far from my place :)