Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy Friday and more importantly Happy EVE of CHRISTMAS EVE! Sam is off to daycare this morning in PJ's and is all excited to celebrate Christmas with his friends and eat "pockcorn" (aka: popcorn) and chocolate milk while watching a Christmas movie! And he even declared to me this morning "Santa coming sooooon Momma!" 

This is going to be one fun Christmas! 

We have a special Lonestar treat here at work today and then we will gather at lunch time for music, Christmas drinks and then everyone will leave early! It just feels very festive here today! 

I certainly don't have everything ready. In fact, this is probably the LEAST prepared I have ever been. I keep putting stuff off until Saturday because "I have ALL day" but in reality, all those things are adding up and it's going to make for one busy Christmas Eve! 

But as my husband keeps saying to calm me down, "it will all happen". And he's right it will. So somehow I am not feeling so anxious. 

I am so looking forward to watching the magic of Christmas through Sam's eyes this year, being with family, and relaxing with my boys during our few days off. 

I truly wish you all the a wonderful Christmas and hope that the spirit of the season fills each of your homes with love and joy! 

Talk to you next year! 


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