Monday, December 12, 2016

Parade, Santa Visits and Christmas Pageant

Happy Monday everyone! The flu hit our house after all but we are on the mend and got to enjoy our weekend! 

Saturday morning we had a relaxing morning and Sam was DYING to get outside. He saw the snowmobile sitting there and was prancing around itching to get out and see it! 

This winter we got Sam his own helmet and so Ryan and Sam could drive around the fields more! He was all excited to be suited up! 

And both boys very excited to be on the "neige doo" for the first time this year! And Momma got to put her feet up and watch some Fuller House! 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stick to a pretty strict schedule with Sam. And skipping nap is a big no-no! But Saturday was the Quyon Santa Claus Parade in at 2 PM. Smack dab in the middle of nap time. But we really wanted to take Sam and so opted to skip nap. 

Instead Sam snuggled up with Ryan and we all had quiet time in the dark living room for about 30 minutes before the parade. It seemed to do the trick to recharge all of our batteries. 

We bundled up and headed to Jilly's for the big parade! While we waited, Sam kept flopping himself down in the snow and doing snow angels. 

The fire truck sirens alerted us that the parade was about to start! 

I'm a little bias but I always think it's a great parade! The kids love it and they end up with a pocket full of candy and a new teddy bear! 

Then it's off to the hall for free hot dogs and hot chocolate and to wait in line to see Santa! 

This year Sam has had a big interest in Santa and points him out where ever we go. We were waiting for our turn and explaining to him that Santa would pick him up to go on his knee. We find when you explain things to Sam ahead of time, he handles new situations better. 

Well it was almost his turn and Ryan started carrying him towards the stage. Sam then stopped Ryan and said "No, just Sam". He asked if he was sure which insisted he was. So, up he went all by himself to see Santa. Ran right to him for a hug! 

They had a good little chat and giggle! And a bag of Gummy Bears from the elf! 

We got home a little before 4. Ryan had to run out to get a trail pass so I stayed home, whipped up a quick lasagna and finished the bread sticks I had been making in the bread machine. It was a great supper while we watched a little Christmas movie with Sam before bed. 

When Sam went to bed, Ryan and I headed downstairs, turned on Elf and started our wrapping. It was a perfect Christmasey day. 

Sunday morning we all slept in! It felt great! But then we headed down stairs and saw that Princess had been busy making some Christmas cookies! I thought I had heard something...

We got ready for church were we were all Sheppard's in the Christmas story. Sam wasn't all that fond of his costume and I had to bride him with a chocolate bar to get him to put the head piece on. But we got through but he seemed tired and decided to lay down in the end! ha ha! Oh the joys of "cooperative" toddlers! 

We had a great breakfast at my parents and then we all had an afternoon nap. I didn't sleep too long and instead binge watched Fuller House! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. 1) I love that Ryan has glasses on when cuddling Sam and then no glasses on Sunday wrapping gifts. Sorry they broke!
    2) How the heck do you just whip up a lasagna? I find it takes forever to make lasagna!
    3) You guys did great as my sheperds!

  2. I loved watching Sam, and everyone at the pageant. Especially fond of the "Shepherd down" at the end. <3

  3. Glad you guys are all feeling better! Looks like you had a fun weekend. We had the opposite experience with Santa this year, haha :)