Friday, December 2, 2016

5 On Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a post almost finished about our 2016 ornament inductee's but totally forgot to take pictures yesterday of them so it will have to wait. 

I am feeling the pressure this week of Christmas. I know, it's still a LONG piece away but events are now overcrowding my weekends which is great but leaves little time for some of the Christmas that I love to do like baking, watching Christmas movies and wrapping. The to-do list is growing but hoping to get things crossed off this weekend! Cards ready for the mail and maybe mostly all the baking's hoping! 

1. End of year around the farm means inventory of all items. We are talking about probably over 100,000 different bags and boxes of stuff to be counted. It has been my life for the last three weeks! Inventory is checked. And then re-checked again to ensure that it was correct or to try and find missing product. Ugh! Yesterday it even involved my brother and I doing fertilizer counts! Thankfully, he did all the climbing! 

2. The other day Sam ended up with a fat lip at daycare. It isn't his first and will not be his last tumble! But it always seems to be on the same side! And this kid is a bleeder but does not want to stop playing long enough to get cleaned up! He's pretty tough! 

I thought he still looked pretty adorable with it! 

3. We got new toque style this year at the farm. When I saw them, I loved it but myself and Jill didn't think the guys here at the farm and male customers were going to like them. Well, we were very wrong! Mostly everyone LOVES them! I can't keep them here. Sam loves to wear mine all the time so that he matches Daddy! 

4. I offered up wrapping as a donation for our church's online auction! A friend ended up winning it and brought over some stuff to wrap! I LOVE wrapping. It has to be one of my favorite holiday things to do. With it she dropped off a present for Sam and a bottle of wine for me with a fun Christmas drinking game! I am sure that the bottle will be gone in no time if I follow the instructions! 

ie: Take a drink every time you lose the scissors or tape! ha ha! 

5. We have an Elf and we read Sam the book for the first time this year since he somewhat "gets" it. He named his elf Princess. Princess brought us some treats on her first visit from the north pole! Chocolate advent calendars for Mommy and Daddy and a Little People advent calendar for Sam! He has loved looking for her so far! 

Bonus: Ok...Someone tell me I'm crazy and talk me out of it BUT I REALLY want a puppy! My cousin runs a kennel called Mohr Over Kennels and breads mini bernedoodle! I am in love! Apparently they don't shed and are very good family pets! She posted pictures of the whole litter but this little guy/girl caught my eye with the white markings! Think Santa would bring me him/her? :) 

What they look like full grown. 

Wishing you a great weekend! 



  1. I was looking at those pups the other day. We have been tossing the idea of a puppy and that was the one I picked out too! I love him!

  2. OMG!!!!! Bernese Mountain Dogs are my favorite dog!! I want one soo bad!!! And this bernadoodle would be perfect. Who sells these?

  3. OK... you know me, I don't even LIKE dogs, and I want that dog. Sooo cute. And if they don't shed... hmm...

  4. Get the dog. Just do it! How can ANYONE say no to that face!!! Also, that looks like 4 advent calendars??

  5. love Sam's new hat and hope the lip heals quick .. I sooo would take one of those puppies in a heart beat ..

  6. Great toque! Poor wee Sam,but he does look very cute dude with that lip. I want to hug that puppy, and cuddle with the grown up dog. Iwonder what Tucker would think, though?

  7. Oh my gosh, those dogs are SO CUTE! I want one under my Christmas tree! :)