Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Recap Part 2

We had a great Christmas at home and we were looking forward to celebrating more with family that evening! 

After a nap, we loaded up and headed to my in laws for supper! A delicious turkey dinner that my mother-in-law graciously prepares for everyone! 

We all had a great visit and exchanged gifts with one another. The kids were so excited to open and play with all their stuff right away! We are at the stage were everything has to be taken out of the package RIGHT AWAY! ha ha! 

Nana and Poppa with Soph and Sam!

We had a relaxing day on boxing day. New Christmas stuff is wonderful! Sam was so entertained all day and never asked for Paw Patrol all day! ha ha! 

After nap, we headed to my parents house for our Christmas pizza supper. We decided on an easy meal this year as kids are young and things are a little chaotic. We hardly get to sit and eat our own food with all the interruptions for water, bathroom, Paw Patrol and etc. 

The kids were begging to go and see the tree and the weather outside was getting worse and worse. So we decided to get a start on opening gifts since the boys would have to leave soon to go and deal with the freezing rain. 

I always tell the kids they can't open anything until I get a good picture! Clark could hardly contain his excitement. 

And again with Nana and Grandpa. 

It was fun watching all the chaos and seeing the kids enjoy their new toys! 

Even the little Grace had a fabulous time as you can see...

We had a great couple of days celebrating Christmas with family and friends! It was a particularly fun with Sam this year! 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well! 



  1. I was going to ask...where is Grace?? LOL

  2. What lovely memories, and pictures!xo