Monday, January 16, 2017

Wintery Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! Things officially feel like they are back on schedule since the Christmas break. I loved the holidays but I love schedules and I love the day-to-day regularity that comes with normal routines.

This weekend was a prime example of that. Nothing extraordinary happened but just some fun, normal weekend stuff and time together as a family. 

Last week Ryan and I did a little experiment. Night shift in the winter is hard on us and I keep telling him that he still needs to do one "house chore" a day. That I can't always be the one doing everything all winter long. He argued that cooking isn't a chore. SO I told him last week to plan ALL the meals for last week, get the groceries (under budget) and cook all the meals every night. Well, mid week I think he finally realized how hard it was. He planned 3 pasta meals, not one vegetable was bought and he kept forgetting to take meat out for supper. Friday was a big example of that and he ended up going and getting us food from Gavan's for supper. I think he learnt his lesson. :) 

Memorized by Paw Patrol while we wait on Daddy to go pick up our supper! 

Saturday morning the plan was that Sam and I would go and get groceries while Ryan and my Dad started on Sam's big boy room! Instead I ended up running and doing groceries solo and got back as they were just starting. Sam has been asking all the time when his room would be done and we have just kept putting it off. He would not leave the room as the boys worked! He wanted to be right there and involved! 

My mom ended up coming over and she thought she could get him out of the room! NOPE! So instead they sat and read books while I made lunch for everybody and the boys started on painting! 

Saturday afternoon Sam went down for a nap and Ryan left to go sledding. I got ready for a girls night out and when Sam woke up from his nap, we picked up the babysitter! He was actually very good with her this time and no tears when I left! 

The girls and I headed to supper in Aylmer at The British! It was my first time there! The atmosphere is really nice and I ended up getting the pizza which I wouldn't recommend. But my fried pickle starter was AMAZING! 

Sunday morning after breakfast we decided to bring Sam ahead down to the rink for a little skate. His afternoon naps really dictate what we can do in a day! It would be his first skate ever and Daddy was very excited to get him out there! 

Sam actually did really well. He was focusing so hard on skating that he always looked so serious and we were worried he didn't like it. But he didn't want to stop! 

He asked us next time if he could play hockey with the nets! ha ha! We weren't there for long but glad we got this skate in before the weather turns warm for the next week. 

We all headed to church, than back to my parents place for lunch and we all took a long afternoon nap before getting up and getting ready for the week ahead! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Sam really looks like you in the Paw Patrol picture, how sweet!