Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back At It!

Happy Tuesday everyone! What a glorious Christmas break! Yes, technically I was back last week but I had so much catch up and year end to look at that I didn't even think about blogging. Plus, I wasn't ready to blog about Christmas and then forget about it for another year! I was still hanging onto it for dear life. Oh and yesterday I was off with a little guy with an ear infection! 

It was an especially fun Christmas season this year with Sam. He was SO into Santa and even Christmas eve was excited to put his reindeer food and cookies for Santa. 

Christmas Eve outfit! 

We continued the tradition of fun snack food for after the wonderful Christmas Eve service and then read "Twas The Night Before Christmas". Sam snuggled into bed and I was so excited to play Santa. It's one of my favorite new traditions is setting up everything under the tree! It's one of the fun things about being the parents! We exchange gifts with my parents too so their stuff was under the tree too! 

Christmas morning Sam slept in and we actually had to wake him up at 7:30! He was a little confused when we told him Santa had come in the night. I think he expected to actually see him. 

He enjoyed opening his stocking but I think he thought that was it.

 But was SO excited when he saw the tree! He just wanted to grab every present thinking it was all for him. Ha ha! 

He opened a couple presents and then was over it for a while and just wanted to play. So, we let him and did our gifts to each other and my parents. We had to kind of go with the flow because Sam still doesn't quite get it. Almost there but not yet! 

We stopped for our traditional breakfast of bacon bunnies! Yum! 

We had a very blessed Christmas! Ryan got his Xbox that he has been asking for all year and I got my new work wedding ring that I've been asking for! Sam's big hit was the Kabota tractor! He's been driving it around the kitchen ever since! 

We finished up all the presents right before nap time! We like to go really slow! ha ha! 

We picked up and got ready for Christmas with my in laws while Sammy napped away! 

But more on the Christmas dinners to follow! 



  1. 1) Love his Christmas Eve service and that smile
    2) Love his Hugh Hefner jammies, there is just something about two piece jammies like that on little boys that make them look like Hugh Hefner hahaha
    3) What is a work wedding ring? Just something smaller that you can wear to work without any safety issues and it still says you are married?

    Glad you guys had a good time and I hope Sam is feeling better!

  2. He looks so cute standing in front of the Christmas tree! Glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas :)