Monday, January 23, 2017

Fighting Winter Blue's With Weekend Fun!

Happy Monday everyone! The weekend went by way too quickly! I had a very full weekend but nothing too strenuous! 

I think that I am someone who is prone to "winter blues". I do not like winter and wish away the cold days and snow. I long for the warm sunny Spring days. I even crave a week away somewhere warm. I tend to hibernate in my house and not want to go anywhere so I lack the socialization and vitamin D from the sun! If a winter is too long, I tend to get crabby and short tempered. 

I know, suck it up, right? Well I do. But I had been feeling the effects of (to me) an already long winter and days of hibernation. Thankfully, I had a weekend full of plans that didn't involve "enjoying" the great outdoors with winter activities and still lots of fun! 

It started on Friday night with some play time and supper prep for my boys! I then got changed into some comfy clothes, gave them both a kiss goodbye and drove the whole 2 minutes to friends and neighbors for a girls night! A feast of delicious food (pizza, wings, cheese dip, cookies, brownies, candy, chips!) and Bad Moms! A movie I had been dying to see for some time! It was great to sit back, be silly and chat with great friends! 

Saturday we had a quiet yet busy day at home. The boys played outside, I took down the last of the Christmas decorations, we did some more painting in Sam's "big boy" room and then before lunch my parents came by to grab Sam and his stuff. Sam was WAY too excited to go to Nana and Grandpa's for a visit. He had been talking about it all week. 

Ryan and I puttered around the house and then eventually got ready for our little double date. For Christmas friends Amanda and Josh gifted us a night out with Prescott for supper and then a comedy show! 

We had a delicious pizza supper and then took the short walk across the road to the comedy club. It turns out that the head act was someone the four of us had seen before and loved! We loved his new material! Ryan was in awe of the 1 liter Steamwhistle beer he bought and was excited because he was allowed to keep the milk glass but then forgot it behind on our way out! 

We laughed SO much! All three acts were hilarious! I was seriously crying at one point from laughing so hard! It was a super fun night out with friends and a night out Ryan and I needed together after so many evenings and nights away from each other with his night shift. 

Because we are old, we slept in until 7:30! ha ha! Which really does feel like sleeping in to us now! Mom and Dad had offered to take Sam to church so we could rest more and relax. I didn't argue! ha ha! We ended up going out for breakfast just the two of us and then headed home to get a head start on boring house chores. 

When church was over, everyone came to our place for lunch and then Sam and Ryan went down for a sleep. 

I enjoyed hearing all about Sam's adventurous time at Nana and Grandpa's. They really like to play into his helpful nature and come up with little jobs for him like cutting a tree and "snow plowing" their lane way. This kiddo loves the outdoors and spent hours outside with them. He had a great nap yesterday and then a big sleep last night. 

The rest of the afternoon I got supper ready while Sam and Ryan worked on their snow fort. It is a pretty cool little place in our back yard. Ha ha! 

A really great weekend getting out, reconnecting with my husband and visiting with friends and family.



  1. Bad Mom's is such a funny movie! I laughed so hard at it. Fun for Sam and you guys that your parents took him for the night. And that you guys got to have a date night!

  2. Sounds like a much needed night out. I am not a fan of winter either. Sam will be busy plowing tomorrow! Blessings. xo