Wednesday, January 10, 2018

32-34 Weeks With Baby Number 3

I am very much still pregnant but the updates (and blog) took a little back seat during the holiday season! I was still pretty good about taking the pictures though! I am currently 35 weeks + pregnant now. 

These Weeks:

Third trimester is still kinda sucky but the end is in sight! Feeling more and more relaxed the father along I am. 

Baby This Week: 

Baby was the size of a scooter board in 32 weeks to a basketball hoop in 34 weeks. 

Maternity Clothes:

It was a little weird around the holidays because I wasn't in my normal office uniform and actually had to come up with actual outfits! Or different lounge outfits too which mostly consisted of my tank tops that are too short or Ryan's large shirts. 

Stretch Marks/Weight: 

Weight actually is the same which I was really surprised by because I have been feeling LARGE and in CHARGE. Not much in the stretch mark department. 


Lots of movement! 

Food Aversions/Cravings:

These weeks it has been harder for me to actually eat a meal. I think my stomach is running out of room because I cannot eat large servings. I am not really craving anything and I am not really hungry. 


The sore hips/back have kicked it up a notch towards week 34. I am also noticing sore feet. Especially in the morning it feels like I have heel spurs which I can eventually walk off. Sometimes I feel nauseous in the evenings again which sucks but I haven't been actually sick thankfully!  

What I Miss:

I kind of miss my regular clothes! I also miss being a little more invisible. There is nothing like a big ol' preggers to make everyone stare! 

Labor Signs/Health Update:

There actually isn't too much to report! Early in the New Year we checked out baby and he/she was still measuring on the smaller side of normal so they decided to keep the cerclage in a little longer. Besides the cerclage, I am a pretty healthy preggers. Normal blood pressure, weight, etc. Baby is (still) head down and very low. 


I am getting so anxious to know. We have 2 girl names and agreed that if it's a girl, we will wait to see her to pick which one to use. We struggled with coming up with a boy name but finally agreed to one suddenly and we both love it SO much! 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Very flat and I think that it will never pop! 

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

So much to look forward to these weeks! Christmas is such a magical time with Sam and picturing future Christmas' with 2 kids makes me very excited for the future. 

Christmas was very special this year. Not only did we have a great time leading up to the day but Christmas/Boxing day was also great. Afterwards, I took a few days off and Sam and I just hung out. I cleaned up a lot of cluttered spaces around the house and we vegged, watched movies and I just soaked up this one-on-one time with my boy. 

Daddy This Week:

The cold weather and the snow did mean that Daddy has been working BUT he did get a few days off around New Year time which was nice! Sam and I got use to having him around that it was a little sad when night shift started again! 

Big Brother Sam:

Sam was A LOT of fun during the holidays and is just so fun to be around. I said to Ryan, I really do like just hanging out with him. I never felt like I needed a break or that I was excited for him to head back to daycare. I know I'm not as much fun as Daddy but we still come up with some things to do together! 


Layers and scarves are your friend. I refuse to buy or figure out a winter coat as I think the expense is ridiculous for such a short period of time. So during the cold snap I just make sure to layer and wear a long scarf in the open part. Or just hibernate inside....that works too! :) 


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