Thursday, January 18, 2018

Grandma Gets To Meet Baby Before Me

On Saturday, January 13, 2017 a great one earned her wings. My paternal grandmother passed away peacefully at 96 years. She lived a long, happy, musical and faithful life. I only imagine she must be chatting Grandpa's ear off, filling him in on life when they were apart. 

Grandma's guess about a week before she passed was that we were having a baby girl. But truthfully, Grandma loved her "wee dolls" and guessed GIRL for every single pregnancy for all of her grand children and great grandchildren! ha ha! Either way, I am glad and slightly jealous that she get's to meet and know her 25th great grand child before I do. Holding it close and getting a snuggle in before it makes it's debut. 

Love you to bits Grandma, Cheerio! 


  1. I feel that she will have a great time up there!!

  2. She was a lovely woman, and while I know she will be dearly missed, I have no doubt she was so excited to get up there to see your grandfather again. You said it well today - she has left a legacy to be proud of!! xo

  3. Lindsay, your grandmother was a fantastic lady. I absolutely adored her. It always gave me such delight to see the whole family of ladies come to worship with us at Queenswood United. I was really honoured to take the lead at her funeral. Her smile, and singing along to the hymns, and choir anthems warmed my heart. We plan on having a little memorial for her during one of our church services. She was dearly loved by her new church family. I'm really going to miss visiting her, and my hugs and kisses from her. I have no doubt she has been re-united with her sweetie Hillis, and has cuddled your baby. Hugs. <3

  4. I'm so sorry you lost your grandma. Grandmother's are the best! Hugs!