Monday, January 8, 2018

Post Christmas Fog

....Dusts off old blog....

Wow! Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays? I was back to work all last week getting things cleaned up after the holidays. I am in the final weeks of prep before baby comes. While I still do some work throughout the first few days/weeks after baby are a little harder to get anything done and so I don't want to leave anything left.

I remember a week after I had Sam, I realized I had a end of year audit I HAD to complete and trying to do this through the newborn fog was tough. Numbers were jumbled and it took me twice as long as normal. SO I am doing everything in my power to avoid that this year.

But Christmas is done and we had a wonderful time together. We had snow fall on Christmas which made our Christmas a little different then normal. We had to it over two parts in order to fit in plowing schedules and sleep. Sam didn't seem to mind though for this year. It will be something we deal with every year and will still make it special. The delay did make for a very relaxing Christmas season for us. No rushing through anything and to try and get anywhere.

Sam was so fun and the slower pace was perfect for our little guy who wanted to play with everything he opened right away. I think it was actually even a little overwhelming because he was ready for a break about half way through! Once we were done stockings he was already over stimulated. Besides stocking stuff, Sam had 4 gifts which we think was plenty! It was 4 things we knew he would LOVE and get a lot of play time with. I think we are going to keep the "less is more" concept for future Christmas'. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas break! 

And now a photo dump which is going to have to be looked at sideways since I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pics to turn! UGH, MONDAYS!! 



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