Wednesday, January 31, 2018

37 Weeks Pregnant

Currently one hundred 38 weeks (and 4 days) pregnant!

For comparison sake, 37 weeks with Sam! 

This Weeks:

Truthfully, I can't believe I am still pregnant!

Baby This Week: 

Baby this week is apparently the size of tackle box! 

Maternity Clothes:

Looking a little frumpy lately. I hate clothes in general. Especially pants and bras! Getting dressed is a challenge. Some of my work maternity shirts have holes in them and the sweaters aren't long enough. I'm living in yoga pants, a tank top and a open sweater. 

Stretch Marks/Weight: 

I guess my extra hunger did catch up with me and at my last appointment I did gain a few extra pounds. Could be a little water weight too because I am noticing my fingers are "fuller" then normal. 


Lots of movement and still the most active at night! 

Food Aversions/Cravings:

I have been eating smaller meals. I find if I eat too much at a serving, I really suffer with nausea and/or heart burn. 

Peanut butter seems to be a big aversion right now and the smell of ketchup REALLY grosses me out. 


I am just a normal waddling pregnant lady. So much pain in the lady bits and hips and back! I can only stand/walk for a certain length of time before it feels like my feet are going to break. 

What I Miss:

Not being pregnant? Ha ha! I feel VERY grateful to have been able to carry this child but I am never one to love pregnant so I am feeling very "done" lately. 

Labor Signs/Health Update:

Not much. I had a slightly disappointing appointment at this weekly appointment. Not because of bad news but because it was so busy. I waited for over an hour longer then normal and still didn't get to see my doc. So they didn't do a check or anything. Just listened to the baby's heartbeat and sent me on my way. 


The wait is now excruciating. It is so easy to be strong early on but when you get to the end, it seems so much harder to wait! Sam has been team blue for a couple weeks now! 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Belly button is very flat. I will never have a popped one. Rings off. 

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

The best moments this week were spending time with my boys. Applying for leave from work was also fun to finally do. The rest is just sitting around waiting for something to happen! ha ha! 

This is kind of bad to say because I love work SO much but I got to miss out on a big 2 day work conference. I thought I would have had the baby but I didn't and I just knew I couldn't spend two days standing and talking business. I felt bad to leave it up to everyone else but I just knew I would suffer. 

I have a lot of gender neutral newborn things. White, yellow and greens. But a sweet friend (Hi Elizabeth) crocheted a couple baby hats in blue and pink to pack in our hospital bag! Now baby will be gender coordinated! 

Daddy This Week:

Ryan went back to work again so we are on our winter schedules again. He still does most of the lifting at home but Ryan is getting anxious to get out before baby comes. He has been asking almost daily about different sledding trips and I feel like the bad guy always having to say no. Thankfully, the weather hasn't been great and the trails closed so he has been forced to stay off the sled. ha ha! 

Big Brother Sam:

Sam has been a trooper this whole pregnancy. Between our loss in March and then getting pregnant again so soon, he has had to adjust to things going on which can't be easy for a 3 year old. With a high risk pregnancy has come some restrictions for me but Sam continues to adjust and we work through it. We had a rough spell with his behavior for a few days but we seem to have turned the corner.  


Do you know how long a white rhino is pregnant for? 16 months. Do you know how many months I have been pregnant for (between both pregnancies), about the same....So when I say I feel like a Rhino, I have good reason! :) 



  1. Glad to hear that the Sam issue is getting better...

    Also, you laughed when I said you could have this baby on Maddy's birthday...dude, that's in like 5 days!!!

  2. I just can't wait to meet this baby! I know you probably feel the same way. haha! ;) Full moon, bring this child to us!!! :)

  3. Hope you don"t have to wait much longer, and glad to hear Sam is doing better.

  4. Ahhhhh where is this baby?! Wasn't Sam 3 weeks early?

  5. I gave Birth on my exact due date for Garett. Keira was stubborn (and hasn’t stopped being stubborn since lol!) and was 8 days late :( good luck momma! Can’t wait to see pics :)