Friday, January 22, 2010

A Domestic Diva?

Something serious has happened and I think serious help is in order. I have never known one person to change so much in such a short time. I am scared for their well being. And that person? Me!

I guess I'm over exaggerating a little but I really have changed. Back in the day I was a lazy girl. My mom would do everything for me. She'd make my bed, clean up after me, cook and do my laundry.

After high school I got a place of my own near my University but I was a messy person. Cloths on the floor and a trip to a cafeteria was a lot easier than making my own food!

Then everything changed when I moved back home, it was as if a light switch turned on. I began renting a place of my own. I started to enjoy keeping the house clean and having home cooked meals on the table. Even if I was only cooking for myself.

Recently, my parents build a new house and handed me the keys to their old home. As grateful as I was there was A LOT of work to be done. The place hadn't been touched in nearly 30 years. Plus a few of the windows hadn't been replaced since 1912. It was a pretty drafty place!

Doing hours and hours of work on your own place sure does add to the appreciation that you have for it. But, it's worse than that! I am now a NUT for organizing...everything. I have basket's for scarves, mitt's, electronics and even one for elastic bands (no I'm not kidding). I love interior design shows/books and walk around my house planning the future rooms decor.

Now, I love to cook. Sure, a few might not turn out once and a while but I keep trying till it's perfect. I love recipe books, cooking utensils and trying new food. I use to be so scared about trying new food. I would only ever eat plain meat and potatoes, no sauces. I love hosting a dinner for friends and setting the table with a fancy centrepiece. Sometimes I feel like all I need is an apron and a set of pearls and I'll be June Cleaver reincarnated.

I have an urge to knit, quilt, crochet and sew. I am even acting on this and started sewing crafts that I do every night. I go to a craft class once a month and loving every bit of it!

I want to grow my own garden and eat the food out of it. I want to preserve food that can be used for later. I glance through gardening magazines looking for different kinds of flowers. Why has this all happened?

I have heard of "nesting" during pregnancy but I can assure you, I am not pregnant. So what is my diagnosis? Is it weird or do we as woman go through this stage because organizing our lives just makes things run smoother in general? Does crafting and gardening give us a hobby that relaxes us and also contributes something to the home?

I don't know what it is that has made me change suddenly and I guess it isn't as terrible as I once thought. Maybe it's just a part of growing up and becoming a woman. So I guess if I can't beat em' might as well join em'. Now, can someone please pass me my pearls? :)



  1. haha good blog Linds - I hear ya - more and more I want to become more "domestic". I would love to put my own garden in, however, i dont think it would survive where I live as I dont have much of a yard in the back....i want to make and decorate cakes, i want to take a cake decorating course, and like you, i want to take up a hobby such as knitting or crocheting....its no problem, don't feel old or anything, i think it just means that as we get older, we want to feel older...haha i dont know!

  2. Thanks Stacy! I guess it is a part of growing up but it still makes me feel like a nutcase to be changing so much. I would love to do a cake decorating class sometime! It is on my list of things to do before I die! xo

  3. characters like June Cleaver have done nothing but confine women to sad stereotypes. don't sell yourself short. you're young and something different and unexpected.

  4. I am sorry if you interpeted this post that way. I am proud of being a resourceful and domestic woman. I am not ashamed of being able to be a great cook and provider. I am proud of the fact that I can grow my own garden and make things for myself (quilt or scarf). I still work full time and continue to be a strong and indepentant women, regardless of the domestic activies I ENJOY doing.