Monday, January 4, 2010

Dare #15

Happy 2010! This is my first official 2010 post, exciting! Did everyone complete last weeks dare? I will tell you about my resolution after this week's dare.

Dare #15

Get your holiday debt organized! Write down how much money you owe in total, put together a plan of how much you are going to contribute to it each week and what part of your budget you going to take these funds from (ie: entertainment, food...)

So I happened to work most of the weekend but on my off time I sat down and decided to write down what my resolutions (plural, yikes) are.

1. Finish my basement. Get the floor, knee wall, paint, bar area done and purchase new couch set.

2. Grow a garden and eat something from it.

3. Finish the upstairs hallway.

4. Try a new food.

5. Last but not least.... Enjoy 2010!!!

Let me know what your resolutions are.



  1. Hey Linds
    I dont think I ever make resolutions but I want to pay off my credit cards and get back on track with bills etc...!
    Nothing fun but it will feel good - just paid off one loan and that felt good so I want to pay off others!

  2. Thats a great goal to have. I have a loan too that I want to finish and pay off but that was last years's gonna take a few years.