Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I really love Canada Day in my small town! We go all out. The Quyon Canada Day Committee fundraises for a whole year in advance to raise money for fireworks. The night starts off with a community barbecue, then a parade down main street. We raise the flag at the river, sing "Oh Canada" and head back inside the community hall where the band starts and the beverages flow. At 10:00 everyone takes a break to watch the awesome fireworks. Canada day is so important to me because ever since I was born I have been going to the parade and fireworks. It's a tradition that I love!

I had this plan this morning to write a long post however, after the late night I am a little hungover tired. :-)

I always wear the community t-shirt to the festivities but I wanted to have something in my hair, so I made this:

Here are a few pictures from the festivities last night:

Happy Canada Day everyone and I hope you all have a great, fun and safe celebrations.

I have to go and get ready to go to a movie now. WE'RE GOING TO SEE ECLIPSE....AHHHH!!!!!! No, I'm not excited at all..... :-)



  1. Your hair looked gorgeous in that photo!

  2. Thanks Nicole! I wanted to do it a bit fancy one last time before Wednesday. Im chopping it off to donate...:-S Nervous! ha ha


  3. YOU ARE CUTTING YOUR HAIR...did not know that - is that part of your list of 101 things to do or whatever...good job! It always grows back right!
    Your hair did look very cute!
    As for the festivities, I watched the parade, that is it...wasn't in the mood this year for some reason, maybe the constant pouring rain on and off did it...oh wait, i did see the fireworks, from the comfort of my own home though!
    anyways, have fun at Eclipse (gag) LOL

  4. ha ha Yes I just decided! I have a hair appointment on Wednesday so I decided now that I have enough hair that I should do it this summer. It will be alot lighter and cooler. Im so scared though! ha ha

    The rain was pretty sucky but I mostly stayed inside the beach barn, ha ha!

    P.S Eclipse was awesome!! Im sure you would love it! :-) ha ha