Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cuba Part 2

Part 2

After a good night's sleep and not being able to sleep in, it was on with the bathing suit and out the door for breakfast!

I have to say breakfast was always my favorite meal of the day at the resort. There were always so many yummy options, one in particular was omelets made my Nelson! He was so fast! He could make 4 omelets in less then 5 minutes. They were so fresh, made to order!

Being that the wind hadn't died down from the day before it was decided that we were going to stay by the pool for the day. It was just a little bit warmer and a lot less windy when in comparison to the beach. Can't complain though, the pool area was so beautiful!

The day was spent soaking up some rays, trying different beverages at the bar and resting. I think I even managed to finish half a book that day!

I loved our room at the resort. We were on the second floor. Our room was spacious and had an amazing view! Every morning I would open the patio door and then hop back in bed to listen to the ocean crashing.

Ryan and I bought a bunch of gifts to give the wonderful ladies who cleaned our room everyday. In return every day we were greeted back to our room with towel art!

After a morning at the pool, it was time to head down to the beach to get in some serious sand time! It was really windy and I was super cold so I had to keep my bathing suit coverup on all afternoon!

After a nap, a quick change it was off to supper and then the piano bar for some pre disco drinks!! The piano bar is amazing but I think our experience was enhanced by a group of retiree's who thought it was karaoke night.

I was getting pretty sick of the "slushy" drinks by this point and decided to move to rum punch......bad idea!!

By the time it was time to hit the disco I was ready to get dancing! Not to worry though, I didn't bring my new camera!! I had learnt my lesson.

The disco was pretty quiet but we still made a party out of it anyways. Especially when an old German man (with a mullet, ha!) starting singing and dancing to ACDC!

It was a super fun night and this next picture pretty much sums up my night!

A little warning to anyone travelling down south:

They put triple the amount of liquor in the drinks then normal because it is cheaper then the mix!!



  1. hahahaha looks like ya'll had a blast! Can't help but still say I'm envious!!!

  2. Mmmm, RUM PUNCH! I love that stuff ;-) The photos are sooo beautiful out by the pool; too bad it was chilly though :-( And breakfast is my fave thing to eat too-- omelets sound delish!