Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cuba Part 3

Part 3

Finally, after two days of wind and clouds, the sun was shining!! That meant only one thing...LET'S GO TO THE BEACH!!!

The whole morning the big group of us were all down at the beach and it was super fun to sit, sunbathe and chat with everyone!

Ryan loves the sun but he hates sitting for extended periods of time. Me on the other hand, I could sit in my beach chair all day with a book!

After a morning at the beach, and lunch ocean side, Ryan and some of the other guys decided they wanted to try out the basketball court.

They all had lots of laughs shooting hoops and easily worked up a sweat with the sun beaming down on them!!

Our hotel had really great facilities! Besides the obvious food and bar, it had a beautiful beach where you could wade out hip deep and be right in front of the coral reef!! It was amazing. The water was so clear so many mornings someone would bring down bread and feed the fish.

The hotel also had a great games room that was perfect for all sizes of kids!! ha ha

That evening Jill, Sarah, Ryan and I still make it out to supper at the buffet for Mexican night!! There was a mariachi band playing that two ladies from our group Glenna and Charlene got serenaded by.

After supper you always head to the bar for an evening beverage and then that night we played hand Monopoly about 50 times!! ha ha!

It was a quiet day/night but I knew I wanted to get to bed early because the next morning we would be touring HAVANA!


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