Monday, January 10, 2011

A Weekend Of Birthdays

Welcome back to the work week lovelies!! I am so hoping that this week FLIES by.....COME ON FRIDAY!

When looking back onto the weekend I thought "wow, that was relaxing". In reality it was full of activity (except for Sunday).

Friday afternoon/evening Sharon, Jill and I headed to the city for dinner and a movie. We all had a yummy supper at Kelsey's and then headed to the theatre where we were going to see Country Strong. Unfortunately, the theatre we were at wasn't playing the movie so we had to opt for another movie around the same time.

We decided on "How Do You Know" featuring Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and my personal favorite Reese Witherspoon. Just love that girl!

The movie was not too bad and I seriously think the great acting skills of Reese Witherspoon made it that much better. If the wardrobe person for this movie wants to dispose of all of Reese's clothes she wore in the movie, my door is open!!!!

It was really nice evening out, I love movie dates with girlfriends!!

Saturday morning I slept in till 8 AM! How is it the older we get the less capable we are of sleeping in? Blah! After a morning of lazy around I finally got ready for a Lupper (lunch+supper=lupper) date in celebration of Priscilla's birthday!

When picking up Sara I had to stop and take a picture of Charlotte, she is so adorable!

We went to Finnigans for lunch then back to Priscilla's "Christmasfied" (the girl has 3 trees, so beautiful!!) house for cake!!

Once back in the Pontiac, I dropped the girls off and then headed to Ryan's parents house for a birthday supper for his grandma, Joan! Ryan's mom always makes such a yummy feast for a large group of people! I don't know how she does it!

Off to work I went for a quiet but late (early morning) shift at the bar.

Sunday morning it was off to Church. I had big plans for the afternoon. I was going to clean, do laundry, pack my bags for Cuba and make a yummy supper. That plan went completely out the window when my butt touched the couch for the first time that day. I was out like a light! I was so sleepy from work the night before.

Instead of being productive Ryan and I were couch potatoes. We ate peanut butter spread on tortilla's for supper! ha ha!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. What did you do?



  1. Well peanut butter on tortilla's probably beats cooked brocoli with buttter and vinegar for Ryan!! Hahaha!

  2. Ha ha Very true!! Poor Ryan when I get my Veggie craving!!

  3. I bought a new car :)

    And crossed an item off my 101 list (paying off my Mustang)... only I bought a new car so I'm not out of a car payment... I didn't think that one entirely through...

    Oh and I started my Pampered Chef business.

  4. i did not like that movie at all--and i agree, resse brought a lot to the table. without her it would not be that great.

  5. Awww, baby C is one adorable kiddo!! :-D That movie looks really cute; it's definitely on our Netflix queue for when it comes out!

  6. I really want to see Country Strong also.