Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Love

For Christmas Santa blessed me with a brand new camera and I am sooooo thankful!!

Isn't it beautiful?

A couple of years ago Ryan and I went to a friend's wedding in Jamaica.
One of the things to do in the evenings was to go to the resorts disco. It was super fun and after a couple of Bahama Mama's I always turned into a dancing queen.

Dancing your heart out is not so good on a camera however. One warm night at the disco my hands were alittle "loosey goosey" and the camera hit the floor! The poor thing wouldn't work for the rest of the trip and I was worried I had lost it forever!

I took it into Future Shop as soon as I got back but unfortunately the warranty was old. I could pay $300.00 to get it fixed or buy a new camera...NO THANK YOU! My new kitchen that I was getting would not appreciate me spending $300.00. So, I took the poor thing home and figured out if I taped the bottom it would work!

That began my two year relationship with taping my camera. I never really complained because it worked fine with tape! I was happy. I knew eventually I would buy myself a new camera but being the cheap arse frugal person I am, I never went out and spent the money.

I couldn't believe my eyes Christmas morning when Santa had left my new Canon Rebel under the tree! The next day I read the manual cover to cover and I have been trying to figure out all the bells and whistles ever since!

Tucker, my model!

Needless to say, the picture quality on this blog is about to get a heck of a lot better and this tripper happy picture taker is on the prowl, no one is safe!



  1. words of advice: when you go to this upcoming wedding... Don't drop this one! ;)

    But OMG girl you will absolutely love that camera!

  2. I WANT that camera!!! a bit out of my price range right now but I plan on buying it eventually! Can't wait to see the new pictures - and yes, DON'T DROP THIS ONE!! :)

  3. I got a CANNON REBEL too. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  4. Yay for awesome new cameras :-D I've TOTALLY been there with dropping a camera and having to "deal" with it until the next replacement! This summer I dropped our old Kodak in the lake and later retreived it the nxt day because I wanted to memory card sooo badly! Hah!

  5. You'll love the new camera. I heard it's a really good one.