Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cuba Part 4

Part 4

At 9:30 AM the whole group who were down south for Kerry and Jeff's wedding were on a bus ready for an adventure!

We were off to Havana which was only an hours drive from the resort. You could hear everyone chatting excited about the sights and scenes that were about to happen.

We learnt a very crucial Cuban word when on this bus, no not cerveza, it was sauve, which means slow in Spanish! Some of us even learnt some very nice dance moves.

Once we were finally in Havana the old, architectural buildings were amazing! My favorite part was looking out the window at the interaction and lifestyle of the locals.

My dad would be in heaven around Cuba looking at all the old cars!!

While walking to Hemingway's favorite bar, looking up at a beautiful church, we were surrounded by characters trying to get us to take their pictures of money! It was a little intimidating at first but our tour guide took good care of us.

We did a lot of souvenir shopping that day at a huge market where you couldn't even walk around a corner without being told "pretty lady, cheap prices for you".

We ate an amazingly delicious fish lunch by the water at the old fort and climbed the fortress and got an amazing view of new and old Havana.

I know we were all ZONKED at the end of the day and as we all drove back to the resort I think some of us even fell asleep. We were quickly awoken by a sudden stop on the highway for a fire that was scary close to the road!

It was a quiet evening after a busy day but Havana will always be a fond memory from our trip Cuba. I would recommend to anyone travelling there to go to Havana. Here are some of my favorite shots from that day.



  1. Were there people that actually fell asleep on the bus or just you Linds...we all know how much you love your naps!! LOL

  2. Awesome pictures! LOVE the architecture!! Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time!

  3. The Havana pics are some of my faves...can't wait for my copy of Havana Nights to arrive in the mail! haha!!!

  4. Holy cow that place looks like it's full of history and culture! And did they all drive just old cars or were there new ones too?

  5. I feel as though I've been on the receiving end of a stampeed after reading this. Not good reading with a hangover!

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