Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome To A New Year

Happy 2011 everyone! I'm not at all sad to see 2010 gone. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to another.

New years eve has never been a big event in my life. My parent's never really made a big deal out of it and neither do I. I do stay up to watch the new year arrive.

The one big thing about ringing in the new year is that it is a special day for Ryan and I. On January 1st we have been dating for 3 years.

On Friday, I took the day off. Woo hoo! Ryan only worked till noon so after he was done we headed to the city to get my anniversary present from Ryan. He bought me two new bathing suits for our trip to Cuba. They are very nice and I can't wait to wear them on the beach in 2 short weeks!

After shopping, we headed downtown Ottawa for a romantic supper at The Keg Steakhouse. This is one of our favorite spots and we were not disappointed! We were stuffed with such yummy food and in great moods as we drove home to visit some friends.

Two groups of friends were gathering for New Years Eve. We decided to stop by both places to say "hello" and wish them a happy new year. We wanted to get home and ring in the new year together, alone.

Well, that plan kind of went down the drain because as soon as we got home Ryan fell fast asleep! ha ha I woke him up right before midnight but we went to bed right after that.

Saturday is what I like to call, the day of nothing! Our idea of the perfect anniversary is just being together and that is what we did! We relaxed at home all day and watched movies together.

That night we went to a garage party at Lisa and Luc's where lots of friends were gathering for a few new year drinks!

Sunday was a big day for both Ryan and I. After a church service where Jill and I sang a duet (crossing #45 Sing on stage off of my 101 list) the whole family headed to the city.

For the last three years Ryan has only met a hand full of my family. On my dad's side we have a lot of cousins! In fact, the family got so big that we started hosting Christmas at a hall instead of a house.

Ryan was finally going to meet the whole family! First, we went out for lunch with Mom, Dad, Jared, Holly and Faith! We had a yummy meal at our favorite family restaurant, Swiss Chalet!

Once we arrived it was swarming with people there for my Auntie Ruth's 65th birthday! A few were neighbors and friends but most were family!

It was so nice to finally introduce Ryan to everyone! Not to mention getting to see loved ones that we don't get to visit with often.

Cousin Lizzie and Ella

Me and Sheila (cousin) (Hi Sheila!)

Sheila, her husband Mike and son Ryan

Grand kids with the birthday girl

It was a great visit that went by too fast!

I love holiday Mondays! They are the most productive yet relaxing days for me. I feel like I get so much accomplished. Not to mention, I was all by myself.

Ryan had to go into work on Monday but that allowed me free time to get groceries, put away Christmas gifts, clean and take down Christmas decorations.

Taking down Christmas decorations is always a sad thing. The house looks a little empty after all the fun Santa's and snowmen are put away for another year. I definitely have a growing collection of decorations, I even had to buy an extra storage box this year.

How was your weekend? How do you spend New Years Eve?



  1. Happy New Year to you too...we saw you new years eve - and well I took Maddy home around 10:30 and laid in bed watching TV, at midnight, i was downstairs watching Dick Clark on TV eating cheese and crackers waiting for hubby to come home! LOL - nice new years! LOL
    I like how to check off sing on stage...haha...you WERE NOT on a stage linds...you were on the church floor! But I guess it could count...but should be...Sing in front of an audience LOL.
    Have a good week!

  2. Ok I'm horrible at my Canada geography, is Ottawa in your Province?

    Wow, I lead an old person's life... I went to dinner with my parents and watched a movie with them. i was ready for bed by 6:30 or 7... LOL. But then we went home and brought in the New Year by watching The Nanny reruns. :) My family never made a big deal about New Years either so I do good to stay awake :)

  3. Sounds like another fun weekend :-) We just hit up a Wild hockey game and then came home with Greg's bro & wife. Greg was out by 11pm (after NYC's ball drop ;-)) which was fine by me :-) We're not huge NYE fans either.

    WAY TO GO with your solo being crossed off your 101 list!! :-D

  4. Frig...Why did I have to put "Sing on stage at GAVAN'S" on my list???...If I'd just put sing on stage, I could cross it off too. Frig, frig, frig.

  5. Hi Linds,
    It was so great to see you that day. It was to short of a time to see you. Cute pics. I would love it if you could email me the one of Mike, Ryan and I. I hope you are having a great trip. Sheila xoxo