Friday, February 18, 2011

Bad News And Good Babysitting!

Happy Friday!! I am so excited to see this day come!! It has been a hard week and adding a cold into the mix hasn't made it any easier. I literally cannot talk, at all!! I don't sound like a man, I don't sound like a heavy smoker, I just kind of squeak out my works. Stupid throat!

This time last week I found something startling, shocking and horrific!! Words can't describe the traumatic effect it had on me.

I found my first grey hair!!!!!! AHHH!!!

I then pulled it out. Unfortunately, Ryan informed me that if you pull it out I'm now suppose to get 7 more?? GREAT!

There was on HUGE highlight from this week! On Tuesday night my brother and SIL (sister in law) asked me to babysit for them as they went out for a belated Valentines supper.

Ryan and I jumped at chance to spend some extra time with our niece Faith!

We always babysit at their house since it is right across the road from mine. This way they never have to cart a bunch of stuff over and Faith is always more comfortable in familiar place.

I made supper that night for the three of us. After supper was done, Ryan and Faith must have had alot of energy because they played Superman.

Ryan tied a sheet around his neck, and Faith an apron! They chased villains, saved Lois Lane (Me) and Superman Faith put Superman Ryan down for a sleep.

After lots of running around it was time for bedtime stories! Yes, storieS. I think Faith made Uncle Ryan read about 15. ha ha He just can't say no.

After putting Faith to bed I snuck back downstairs to watch some T.V with Ryan when I found him asleep! I sent him home to bed and relaxed until my brother and SIL came home.

It was a super fun evening. Faith, being almost 2, is so much fun now!! She's talking (real talk and gibberish), playing pretend and a little ball of energy!! Being around such a happy little person defiantly made my week!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  1. hahaha... Gray hair... you sure it wasn't some funky blond one? I get those funky stray blond hairs... my ex-boyfriends sister used to yank them out thinking they were gray and usually they were just blond streaks. Just go with that story, then you don't get the 7 more :)