Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Special Valentines

Happy (hump) Wednesday! It seems that my body has decided to let in a nasty cold despite me pumping it with vitamins!! Bleh!!

Monday was "officially" Valentines day! And I have to say, yes this holiday is a million times better when you have someone in your life that you love.


As I had mentioned yesterday, I have Mondays off! This allows me a quiet stroll through a grocery store every week and lots of things picked up that I need!

Do you know how hard it is to remember light bulbs when you usually only go to a store once every 3 weeks!?

On Monday, I went and did some errands and then picked up Ryan after he was done work at noon. We decided to have yet another valentines meal together. This time we went to Lonestar. (I had a craving for it after Stacy talked about it at the curling rink)

We had a yummy meal, and in the spirit of all things love, they had red nacho chips!!

We had really good intentions of fun Valentines activities.

1. Let's go skating on the canal!!
Excuse: It's raining and I'm getting sick.

2. Let's go see a movie!!
Excuse: There is nothing that we can agree on to watch! (He totally didn't want to see the Beiber movie with me, boo!)

3. Let's go to a museum!
Excuse: Ryan, after working since 2 AM didn't feel up to it and couldn't promise he wouldn't fall asleep!

Finally, we came up with a solution that we both agreed on! Let's go home, lay on the couch and watch One Tree Hill season 2! It was perfect, we were all snuggled in watching episode one. Just when the theme song came on (I don't wanna be anything other then........STUCK IN MY HEAD) we were both sound asleep!

So, you might ask; "O.K, great story Linds but what the heck is with your title of this post?"

Well, I'm getting there, hold your horses!! :-)

You see, when our sleepy butts finally got off the couch to make supper we got a very special phone call. Friends Lisa and Luc were calling from the hospital to let us know their baby girl was born!

They asked us to go visit that evening and after supper we drove up to see the new bundle of joy!

You see, that is what made my valentines day so special. Being with friends celebrating the birth of their little girl, Sydney.

Congrats Lisa and Luc!!

Hoping one has a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. She sure is a cutie!! Can't wait to meet her! Hope Big Brother Yanni is excited about his new sister!

  2. Congrats to Luc & Lisa - beautiful baby girl!!

  3. Awe, it was their Valentine's Day present... :) Super cute!

  4. She's for sure going to be a mommy's girl!!!

    - VeeRay