Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun, crafty, weekend!!

Happy Monday everyone!! It's official, weekends pass way too quickly!

I had a weekend full of activity which is why it went by so fast! The activity started shortly after I was done work on Friday! I was hosting another women's craft night at my house! This is what we were making, more on that tomorrow!

Saturday I had the whole house to myself, all day! Ryan went to a snowmobile fundraiser for prostate cancer and I spent the day cooking and crafting! It was really fun!! For friends Lisa and Luc, who just had baby girl Sydney I made this new baby blanket and hat that I got from this tutorial!

It turned out so good and I love making this hat now, especially with the girly flower!

Lisa and Luc also have an almost 3 year old son. Needless to say they are going to be very busy. That is why along with the new hat and blanket we also gave them a couple homemade freezer pizza's.

I had been feeling anxious about Sunday all week. WAY back, when I posted my 101 list, one of things was to go skiing. I am not a skier, in fact, I'm not all that adventurous. Being that I lack in gracefulness any activity (like skiing) that requires balance was going to be a disaster!

That didn't matter. I put going skiing on my list to face that fear of 1. falling on my butt in front of a punch of people (ie: making a fool of myself) and 2. getting hurt.

Ryan agreed to come with me and since neither of us had been out skiing for over almost 10 years it was going to be an adventure!

The day was beautiful! I'm proud to say that I only fell 10 or so times and there was no trip to the hospital.
Actually, I did discover, when I'm moving it was easy to not fall, then when I try to stand still, this is what happens:

Here is a video to prove it!

Now, I can officially say, I have crossed off number 13, go skiing!

How was your weekend? Wishing you all a great week!



  1. Good job - you're so brave! I, on the other hand, cannot even imagine the downhill skiing thing! Casey keeps trying to convince me but I'm far too scared for that - and also, where are your poles????!!!

  2. I've never been skiing either... where are your poles though????

  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who asked "WHERE ARE THE POLES?!" (Apparently Lindsay has some new-fangled skis that don't require poles????)