Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cuba, Last One

The final day in Cuba was bitter sweet. It was sad to be leaving such a beautiful place but after a week, I was looking forward to being back at home. Back into a routine.

Ryan and I wanted to spend our last day in Cuba soaking up as much sun as possible. While down on the beach the entertainment team were getting people together to play a Canadian favorite, hockey!

For the rest of the morning/early afternoon I finished my second book that I had brought down south. Later that evening, before supper, we packed.

We all gathered for the last night at the buffet and for drinks afterwards.

That evening there was a African show down at the beach that was amazing. Drummers, singers, fire blowers, dancers, etc! It was a great show to end the week with!

The next morning (bright and early) we loaded the plane and headed back to the cold! And cold it was!! When we were gone we missed the coldest days of winter. When we got home it was -25!! Brrr...

(photo courtesy of Jill)

Cuba was amazing. For the rest of my life I will always remember the great memories that I made with friends down south in 2011!


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  1. Haha that last photo is hilarious! You look scared or something... maybe cold :) Looks like you had a blast!