Friday, February 11, 2011

Can You Feel The Love?

Valentines Day was never a popular holiday in my life as a kid. I think it was because since my parent's didn't make a big deal out of the day, neither did I.

Don't get me wrong, we recognized the day, it just wasn't that big of a deal in our lives.

It still isn't in my life. Ryan does lot's of super sweet things for me every day, not just once a year. Of course, we will usually go out for supper for Valentines day but never on the 14th!! Having to wait forever on a table because it is jammed with people is crazy!

This year, we are going to go on the snowmobile up to a local restaurant (in Ladysmith) and have wings instead. It is one of our favorite spots and I would personally rather go there then any expensive restaurant in the city!

This fall, after putting in the fire place in the living room (yesterday's post), we discovered there might not be enough room to put the entertainment units in the cabinets. Ryan suggested instead of altering it anyway, we just place the units on top. I might have sounded like a super big "bee with an ich" at the time, but I insisted that that space is clear. Here is why:

I wanted to decorate the mantle! It is now, my spot, every season to decorate accordingly.

As you all know, I'm cheap frugal, and to go out and spend a lot of money of Valentines day decorations was a "no-no" for me!! Why go out and spend alot of money when you can make them yourself?

See that "x" and "o", well after tracing letters onto a piece of scrap wood I had lying around, my dad cut them out for me. (If I had done it myself, I might not have had fingers left to type out this post) I painted them white and now I have a set on each speaker!

While, my handy Dad had the saw out, I had him cut me 4, 5"x5" blocks out of the same piece of wood. He handed them over to me, with a look of "your crazy how are you going to make something out of these blocks".

I painted these blocks white, then Modge Podged (I love modge podge) four (different but same color scheme) pieces of scrapbook paper onto the front. After cutting out L-O-V-E with my silhouette, I then modge podged that onto the front of each block. After it was done drying....TA DA.......

New Valentine Decoration! On my new favorite places to decorate, my fireplace mantle.

So, you see, even though Valentines day isn't really my thing, it was super fun decorate for and I've already got dad to warm up the saw for to start on St.Patty's day!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. I love your fireplace mantel! We have a fireplace but no mantel so I decorate my kitchen table... LOL