Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Things I Love!

I am defiantly feeling the love because Kelly, Ashley and Leslie all tagged me in 10 Things I Love!

State How You Know Them:

Kelly- A super sweet blogging friend who I have been online chatting with for probably about a year!

Ashley- She is someone who is from the same Pontiac community. We met and hung out (with our dates) on my prom day afternoon!

Leslie- She is from the same town as I am, in fact, right down the road. She even babysat me at some point!

10 Things I Love

1. I love my fiance, Ryan. I could never put into words how much.

2. I love my family

and my future family "in-law"

3. I love my Chihuahua Tucker.

4. I love all of my friends! I seriously have the best friends in the's O.K, be jealous! :-)

5. I love beavertails...scratch that, I love food in general!

6. I love where I work. Sometimes it's stressful but for the most part it's a lot of fun.

7. I love crafting, sewing, and cooking! Anything that gets my creative juices flowing!

8. I love flowers, gardens and of course grass!

9. I love being lazy. Ya, bad I know, but I love lounging around watching TV, movies or reading!! Don't worry I clean it too, but I don't LOVE it!

10. I love myself. That sounds really self centred but it's true. I love who and what I have grown to become.

Lastly, I have to add one more thing to this of things that I love....

I loved the ROYAL WEDDING!

I awoke this morning at 3 AM to begin watching the live feeds. I watched it at my parents and mom had prepared a special drink for us to toast to the special occasion.

Maybe it's the girl in me, but I enjoyed every moment!! It was both special and historical! I was even getting butterflies in my stomach when Kate began walking down the aisle!

Once at the office the ladies and I had to toast to the special occasion with Mimosa's and "homemade" crumpets!

Kate's dress was timeless. In 30 years from now, we don't look back onto her dress and think how "out of style" it is. It was a classic gown to suit an elegant bride.

Getting up so early was worth every second of capturing it live. The memories of this historic event I will be sure to tell to my future children.

And they lived happily ever after....

Happy Friday!



  1. I think im the only one that did not like the dress...not my style but looked good on Kate. I don't like lace...blech!

    I can't believe people actually got up that early to watch it, when I tuned it at 6 am she was still in the car driving and by 6:30 - they had said their why get up so early?? LOL

    I can't believe you didn't put you LOVE NAPS!!

  2. Yes! You are the one who blogged about AE jeans! haha thanks for the tip :)

    Your dog is adorable!

  3. ok take Chihuahua and sound it out... Chi-hua (hooo-a)-hua(hoo-a)... wouldn't you love to know the first time I saw that spelled out that's how I pronounced it. I in fact had my boss rolling on the floor. I've always said Chihuahua (real pronunciation) but by golly reading it I didn't say it right for the longest time. In fact my dad heard me and looked at me like I'd freakin lost my mind. But I know how to spell it :)

    Thought I'd give you a laugh for the day :)

  4. Oh ... wasn't she beautiful!! xo

  5. I flew home from Germany to my Mom's because Reggie and did not have a TV set for me to watch Charles and Diana wed. I love royal weddings and have seen Diana and met Fergie. I thought Kate was goregoeus, very Grace Kelly.They truly look in love. Charles and Di only met 13 times before they married!

    God bless the newleyweds. (Just wait until I bless the next newlyweds next May (you & Ryan)!!

    I LOVE Sundays because I hang out and lead worship for the BEST congregtions in the United Church of Canada. My favorite day of the week!! Thanks to all my Quyon people, who I love.

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