Wednesday, April 13, 2011

101 Update - It's about time!

For the longest time after I started my 101 things in 1001 days list it felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything! Then all the sudden BANG I started crossing things off my list.

The kick in the butt I needed (and helped me cross off alot of things) came from my cousin/friend Stacy on my birthday. She helped me cross off a bunch of things and got me going on some others!

# 96 Learn to make Ryan's Aunt Lynn's sticky buns

I actually haven't made Aunt Lynn's sticky buns but these did tide me over till then!

#68 Get a Pedometer

#69 After pedometer do an average of 10K steps a day, for 1 week. Complete!

#89 Get a set of pearls

I hope to one day get a real set but these certainly work for now!

#13 Go skiing - completed this winter!

#60 Start a new journal

The week after I received this I started writing in a journal again. It's been a great release.

#34 Organize my recipes!

Completed this in 3 binders. Sweets, main dishes and other! It's been so wonderful!

Other things I've crossed off:

#17 Visit New York

#6 Go on a shopping spree

#67 Try yoga

#66 Plant a tree

#86 Host a superbowl party

#87 Spend a whole day at a beach

#88 Buy a nice piece of jewelry

#90 Try driving a tractor trailer (It was super scary!)

#100 Go down south with a group of friends

There you have it a complete update! If you have a 101 list, how is it coming? Have you crossed off lots of items?

Hope you have a great Wednesday!



  1. Wow - glad to see that you finally posted my birthday gift to you LOL - seeing how it was back in October!!

  2. Ha ha, ya I know, totally late!! I told you it was blog worthy!!! It really did get me jump started on a bunch of things!! Thanks again!! xo

  3. I think I've crossed off 20 or so items... but come this fall I'll get to knock a few more off :)

  4. I've crossed off some items and am working towards crossing off some more!