Thursday, April 7, 2011

New York Part 2

Good Morning! Thank goodness it's Thursday! The week is just flying by!

I left you off yesterday with part one of mine and Ry's trip to New York. We had just seen Wicked on Broadway!

Sunday morning, after a nice long sleep, Ryan and I started back the couple of blocks from our hotel to Grand Central Station!

This place is amazing! I can't believe the architecture, the paintings, the restaurants, and the shops!! What a place! There was defiantly a very distinct odor to Grand Central Station. That was because it is a safe sleeping haven to a lot of homeless people. A lot of them were still there sleeping when Ryan and I arrived for breakfast and it broke my heart to see so many homeless people gathered in one spot.

We had to leave the station and go across the road to get breakfast somewhere else because all the restaurants were closed that Sunday morning. I don't think Ryan minded, he just couldn't wait to get going!!

If you were to ask him now, what his favorite day/activity was that we did in New York he would DEFIANTLY say New York Yankee's baseball game!

The Yankee's stadium is only about a year old and it is beautiful! The seats are comfy and from a turf experts point of view, the grass is perfect!!!

The food, oh my, the food!! It was like going to the fair! Garlic fries, popcorn, milkshakes, mini donuts, the list could go on and on! However, what would a baseball game be, without a good ol' New York hot dog!!

I have to admit, I was never a big baseball fan! I bought the tickets for Ryan because I knew he would love it. If you are a non baseball fan like me, trust me when I say this, baseball is SOOOO much more interesting in person, and dare I say, fun? That's right, I really enjoyed the game!

After being at the game for most of the day when we finally got back to Manhattan, we were starved and ready for supper! When doing our endless amounts of walking I had spotted a place that I thought Ryan would like! It's called Dave and Busters! If you have never heard of it, it's a restaurant/bar with such yummy food (we had AMAZING steaks) and afterwards you can go into their HUGE arcade to play games!!

We had so much fun playing all the games!

It was still kind of early when we were done playing all the arcade games. We were wide awake but didn't know what else to do. On our walk back about two buildings down from Dave and Busters we saw our next activity, Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Neither Ryan or I had ever been to one. The price was a little steep but we decided to try it out anyways. We were not disappointed! We both were like little kids in there! Running around doing all the activities they have! It was a blast!!!!

Finally, it was time to head in for our last sleep in New York. On our way back to the hotel we had to stop at Times Square for a photo Op!

Monday morning we had a few hours to kill before we needed to head to the airport. We decided to do a "little shopping". We headed into one floor that had 5 floors of clothing! I hadn't been having much luck shopping that weekend so I thought I would be in and out with nothing, as usual.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), everything I tried on I loved!! It's not usual that I go into a change room, try stuff on, and love everything!! This was the case! I had to pick and choose my favorite items to purchase! I am so glad I had a sweet/strong man to carry my heavy bags for me!

Finally, we packed up and headed to the airport for an uneventful airplane ride home!

New York had been an amazing trip! I think one of the best that we had ever been on! We kept calling it our adventure because our schedule wasn't organized. There were so many laughs and we had alot of fun calling each other "fiance" throughout the trip! I can guarantee this isn't the last time we'll be in The Big Apple. See you again soon New York!



  1. looks like an awesome trip to me!

  2. Love reading your blog Lindsay... you and Ryan have a great life, will be even greater once you become husband and wife... :)

  3. I'm getting the itch to go to NYC!!!!

  4. I went to Grand Central Station with their old PR person and she told me some interesting stories... things you wouldn't even know if y ou didn't have an in. It was wild!!!

    And yeah, baseball is better in person!