Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Crafty Weekend

Happy Monday! Now that spring is here, I feel like my life has taken on more of a routine. I'm working full weeks now because it is so busy on the farm. Since it is so busy on the farm I have been following our meal plan more closely too!

This weekend was pretty jammed backed with lots of fun activities! Fun in my world now? Getting DRUNK!

Ha ha NO just kidding, fun in my world is getting together is my best girl friends. I got to do this twice this weekend!

The weekend started out Friday afternoon with a package in the mail for me! (I LOVE MAIL!) I opened it to find this:

Peanut butter oreos, a U.S delicacy that I wish Canada would adopt, and a beautiful necklace and earrings. This package was from Nicole at Life's a Beach. Isn't she the best?! I had told her one time that I loved my oreo's dipped in peanut butter. She then informed me that there was a peanut butter flavored oreo! I have been snacking on them all weekend! THANK YOU NICOLE!

Later that evening I headed to Jilly's for a craft night hosted by her and Sara! We made this little guy/girl bunny out of clay pots!! Isn't it cute? Thank you for fun craft night ladies!

Saturday morning I woke up with the urge to get some Easter crafts done! First I gave this wood lantern that my mom gave to me a coat of paint!


I also took an old grape vine wreath, some homemade fabric flowers, and bible verse Matthew 28:7 to make this for my door. The cost: all left over stuff I had on hand!

It was a super fun morning and now my house is all decked out for Easter! Most of them decorations, homemade!

The only bad lantern didn't last. When turning off the T.V I knocked over the glass part and it shattered. Typical occurance for this small town clutz!

Saturday afternoon I was off to the city to meet with a potential wedding planner. You might be thinking....what the heck do you need a wedding planner for in a small town? Well I don't, she is to come in the day before and the day of the wedding to look after all those little details. I wanted to hire her so that there is minimal to no stress for mine or Ryan's parents! I want everyone to enjoy the day!

Sunday morning it was so nice outside!! You hardly even needed a coat! I love looking through my closet at cloths that I haven't been able to wear because it isn't warm enough! One of my favorite items, my polka dot jacket that I got from Forever 21. I am a sucker for anything polka dot! I always felt like I would fit into the 50's well and polka dots just reminds me of that!

Sunday afternoon, after church, I headed to Sara's where she was hosting a Uppercase Living home party. This was actually the first time I had ever been to one and I love their products! There was so much nice stuff to choose from! I can't wait for my order to come in! Thank you Sara for hosting it and the YUMMY spread of munchies!!

Sunday evening I was feeling very domestic. Ryan was watching the master's on T.V so I decided to treat him to a nice "fancy" supper, made by me! I lit the candles at the table (we never sit at the table, always the island), made a huge spread of food, and even homemade dessert! It was fun to throw on my apron and do something special for a great man. O.K you can stop gagging now :-)

How was your weekend? What all did you do?




  1. The Easter crafts all look great Linds, and it does not surprise me ONE BIT that you broke the lamp! haha!!

  2. Thanks Jilly! Your Friday evening craft really got me into the spirit!! xo

  3. Love your crafts Linds . You should be able to get a new glass cover for your lamp at any hardware store.. Have a great week...

  4. Yep - doesn't surprise me one bit that you broke the lamp either - you are a klutz afterall! LOL
    Never heard of Peanut Butter Oreos = when you told me you got a package from nicole, I thought you meant our camera!

  5. Lindsay I love your Easter bunny craft I ran out to the dollar store and picked up some pots but would like to know if you have a pic you could put up of a girl *S* ... I know Katelyn will enjoy making this..

  6. I ate all weekend. I was supposed to be "gorging"... I was supposed to gain 6lbs. I barely gained 2 :(... And I ate all day long both days... LOL