Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend of Food!

Last weekend it was all about crafting...this weekend was all about good food and great times!

I felt like a horrible mother to my fur baby Tucker Beans! On Thursday evening I had plans and it was his birthday!! The poor little guy had to celebrate all on his own. Ryan and I made it up to him on Friday afternoon and had a little mini celebration, spoiling him rotten!

His present this year was a little keepsake from our trip to New York.

Friday evening I was off to one of my friends, Andrea's for her birthday bash! It was a casual evening surrounded by yummy food! It was so much fun sitting around the table with these ladies chatting it up!

Saturday morning I went on a cleaning spree! I don't know if it is because it is Spring or out of boredom but the house is sparkling!

Cleaning really did pass the time though because I was SOO excited to go out with my girls for supper!! We were headed across a rocky ferry to Kelsey's to enjoy some drinks, good food (yummy spinach dip!) and lots of laughs! What would a date with the girls be without a picture to remember the evening by?

Sunday Ryan and I walked to church. This is the church that we are actually getting married in so it was fun to walk hand in hand, from the farm to church this Sunday.

It was also Palm Sunday yesterday and all the kids were out in full force for the Donkey Parade! It was so cute watching them all wave their palm branches.

After church Ryan and I relaxed at home until our supper guests arrived! We had invited Rebekka and Josh over for supper that evening! I lucked out of having to cook a big meal because everyone wanted Mae's! We kicked the boys out to pick up the food and we chatted!!

My first taste of Mae's is always a highlight of my Spring! There is nothing more that taste's like summer then food from Mae's Chip Stand.

The food was great but the company was even better! We literally laughed for an hour straight while visiting after supper! It has been way to long since we all visited, hopefully we can get together again soon!

So, as you see, my weekend kind of revolved around food and friends! Pretty awesome eh? How was your weekend?



  1. My weekend was ok and then it went to sucking :) Diets suck. Lawnmowers breaking down suck. Bad moods suck... and oh look... bad mood joined us this morning :)

  2. Thanks Lindsay, what a fun post. I love the picture of me and the palm waving kids!!! Can you email me one, please and thanks? I think its lovely that you and Ryan can walk to church. Bet you won't do that on your wedding day!!!