Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession And My Favorite Beauty Product

Happy Friday....Happy Friday before a long weekend, BOO YAH! The weather has been pretty darn craplicious around here lately! My list of "things to get done outside" was officially flushed down toilette yesterday! Oh well, I'm sure (IT BETTER, OR ELSE!) the weather will improve and with it my damp mood! Bleh!

I figured on this Friday I'd share a story/tidbit with you about myself. Did you know that I have REALLY bad skin?


Yes, I have adult acne. I know right about now that you are thinking that I am crazy. My skin isn't that bad. Well it's not now, because of this awesome product!

Yes, I'm 13. No, seriously, in high school I never had an acne problem because of that I would neglect taking care of my skin. I thought I was one of the lucky few who would just never have to deal with acne. Boy, was I wrong.


Then, I turned 21 and BAM my face broke out. This was not a very good look for a hip (who am I kidding, HA!) college girl! I felt like a little zitty teenager walking around with beautiful, suave university adults. I didn't have those nice little zits. No, I had those huge, painful, boil resembling, white puss things!! *Sorry for the visual if you happened to be eating.

Zitty face on a good day! Man those things use to be sore!

I tried lots of over the counter acne medicine from the pharmacy and most of the time it made my acne worse! I would try to disguise these bumps with lots of foundation which again, would only make things worse.

Notice white foundation face incomparision to tan(ish) arm? HA! University formal.

I graduated college, moved home and started work. Still feeling like a phony. How do you look like a career woman when you have a bunch of zits?

One evening, when meeting with my ladies, a friend's sister mentioned that she used Proactiv and how well it worked. I never thought anything more about the product until one day, walking around the mall, there was a concession stand selling Proactive. I figured, why not! I bought a box (FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE) and haven't looked back since!
Clear faced cookie monster, Halloween 2010.

It took about a week for the product to start working but man, does it work! My skin is actually smoother then it has ever been! Buying the products is expensive. Once, I quit using it thinking: "Oh I probably don't have acne anymore." WRONG!

Having adult acne is embarrassing, especially for a woman but if there is anyone out there suffering from it, give Proactiv a try, it's not just for teenagers.

Having smooth skin gives me confidence to even go makeup-less if I want. Proactive is definatley the #1 beauty product in my cabinet!

*Proactive has nothing to do with this post. It is just sharing my favorite beauty product with you. *



  1. I've thought about trying it. shhhh but hubby needs to try something... His face breaks out horribly! Oddly enough though, on our wedding he didn't have breakouts yey :)

  2. I have heard good things about Proactiv, but I've had several friends develop allergic reaction to it since they changed their formula. It's funny how something can work great for some people and not too well for others :)

    I'm a new follower! Just thought I'd drop you a note!