Monday, May 9, 2011

Small Town Weekend!

The work week has started again but for some reason I don't mind. Maybe it's because of the nice weather coming, or because I know that the week will fly by being that it is so busy! Either way, summer is practically here which means weekends are FILLED with things to do, this weekend was no exception.

I have been looking forward to Friday night for a while. Back at the Hemlock Hideaway hunt camp they had extended an invitation to their yearly men's bash to the women! Ryan and I headed there immediately after work for supper......

That's a lot of cow!

The cooks! (HI MIKE!)

Drinks with friends....

And amazing MUSIC! Seriously, these boys can JAM!

Saturday morning, Ryan and I both had to work at the farm. When it gets busy at the beginning of the summer sometimes we have to work. After the great party the night before, we did not want to roll out of bed!!! Work passed quickly though and we were able to relax (sleep!) for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday evening we were off to Aylmer, for Auntie Debbie's *cough* 50th *cough* birthday! She is Stacy's mom and being that we all live in the same small town I have always been close with my Aunt.

That evening Ryan and I rented Country Strong. I wasn't a huge fan, I really enjoyed the music though!

Sunday morning, while getting ready for church, a very special Chihuahua surprised me with a Mother's day card!! It was pretty cute!

Off to church with Mom and Dad for a beautiful service that included a baptism for the little girl of friends Brandon and Amanda.

Sitting beside me in church was Maddy, Stacy's daughter. She has been wearing her "glasses" for a while now and it is hilarious! I asked her if I could take her picture and she said yes! Afterwards, I showed her the picture and she said, "Good, now it can go on your blog". Ha ha what a kid!

After church, Ryan and I treated my parents and his to a Mother's day brunch at the very popular Cafe 349 in the next town over. We were not disappointed! It was an amazing meal!

With full bellies and thoughts of Monday looming I spent the rest of what was left of the weekend, puttering around and relaxing! Now, it's back to reality but another amazing weekend is to come soon! I LOVE SUMMER!

How was your weekend?

Have a great week!



  1. I will have to show maddy that her picture made the blog...haha! that was hilarious! I agree with you - I rented Country Strong Friday night and even though I didnt get to watch it all at once, I didn't enjoy it either...but like you, I did enjoy the music!

  2. Hahah, "Now it go on your blog" ;-) Too funny. Love the Mother's Day card from the little puppers. And too bad that you didn't like the movie :-( I heard that the music was REALLY good though! I'll have to check it out on our Netflix.

  3. sounds like a fun weekend! We spent most of Saturday afternoon buying a TV. That'll wear you out, especially when dealing with jerks!

  4. Looks like an amazingly fun weekend! :)

    <3 Belly B

  5. That's a beautiful picture of me doing the baptism, thanks for posting it. I have a couple on my fridge that Amanda gave me. It was such a wonderful service!