Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Maid Of Honor!

Hey Jilly, this post is all about you.....:-) Told you it was coming!

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is going to (hopefully) fly right by since it is a short week!

It's that time in the "Wedding Wednesday" posts to introduce you to the cast....aka...the wedding party! First up, my maid of honor Jill.

This is Jill (Jilly, Jilly Bean, Julia)

I have known Jill for all my life. Both of our families attend the same church, in fact, have since we were both little. I have always known Jill, but she was closer to my brothers age and it took becoming adults for us to become friends.

A few years back, Jilly started work here at the turf farm and that is when we really started to get to know eachother.

Sidenote: It is awesome having a maid of honor that you work with. Everytime I think of something I just have to shout across the office (literally). See: This is Jill at her desk, right across from mine!

We quickly became friends inside and outside the office. We would always meet at the local watering hole (aka Gavans) for a good time. Movie nights were always the best!
I left for University which was over 5 hours away! Luckily, for me, Jilly is the best and took a few trips out to see me! We had many Guelph adventures that I am sure we will be laughing about until we are 100 years old.

I have so many fond memories together. Cuba, Gavans, potlucks, movie nights, Kelsey dates, office laughter and many more! She is the one that I can lean on when I'm upset. She is always honest with me, she's the kind of friend that will tell you (when shopping) if something looks good on you. She has no problem telling me when I'm wrong and I respect her immensely for that!

Jilly is someone who you can tell all of your secrets too, which I do. I can vent, share excitement and overall have a great time with her. When I got engaged there was never a moments doubt that I would ask Jilly to be the one standing next to me, as my maid of honor!


Thank you for agreeing to be part of this important time in my life. Honestly, I couldn't imagine doing it without you.

Love you!




  1. Awwwwwww!!! A whole post about ME!?!

    Love it! Love you! Can't wait to be your MOH and stand beside you on your special day!! And then drink wine and dance like a crazy person ... KIDDING! (maybe)

    PS - did you take that pic yesterday? And I didn't even notice?? hahaha!! Sneaky sneaky!!

  2. NO WINE - especially at a Hamilton function - that's all I am saying!
    Jill - you are going to be like 27 dresses soon with all your wedding parties...I wonder if I will ever be in a wedding...I know I won't be a bride, but maynbe someday, I will be a MOH or even a bridesmaid!

  3. I've actually only been in 3 weddings, Lindsay's will be #4. So no, I'm not quite at 27 dresses yet.

  4. Jilly will make the best MOH ever! She is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest people ever and it's no surprise that she would make a perfect Bestie and MOH! I know, lots of "est's" but it is true. Also, you will not have a single thing to worry about because she will do all the worrying for you. She is an awesome writer so speech writing will be epic. You gals are going to have so much fun. All the best! :o)

  5. Great post about Jillian!!! She is all you said and more. I love the fact that you are both so loving, respectful and with solid faith. I feel so blessed to have become part of the church crowd.