Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - The Story Of Us


Happy Wednesday...in fact Happy May 11th....this time next year (I can just see Jilly rolling her eyes at me now!) it will be the day before my wedding. This brings alot of emotions and questions.....

What? I have to wait another WHOLE year to marry the love of my life?

O-M-G, I am going to be a married woman in a year?

One emotion I am not feeling is doubt. I have had no doubt for a long time that I wanted to spend my life with Ryan. First, let's give you the background story.......

I am not going to lie, June to November in 2007 SUCKED for both Ryan and I.

Ryan married his high school sweet heart young. In the summer of 2007 Ryan and his then wife separated after being married for less then a year. A few months after that, he was laid off at his job. At the time he wouldn't admit how hard it was on him but most of his friends knew otherwise.

I, on the other hand, who never really even knew Ryan, had packed up my life and moved after university to British Columbia (across the country, sorry Mom) with my then boyfriend of 2 years. From the moment I got there things with my relationship went down hill. I really wanted to come back home but I was fearful that I would look like a failure. So, I stuck it out, even though I was miserable.

By the end of October, I couldn't take it any more! I packed up all my stuff and moved back home....head hung low.

By the end of November, I was still heart broken but glad to be surrounded by friends and family at home. At this time Ryan had found roommates and had started piecing his life back together.

One November afternoon, I volunteered to take a trip to the bank for my mom. While walking into the bank I bumped into Ryan, who was waiting in line for the ATM. We said said our hello's but being that I was on "a mission" I just proceeded through the doors.

While exiting the bank I noticed Ryan was still there but standing outside.

Side note: A couple of friends *cough* Ricky *cough* were whispering in Ryan's ear that he should "go after me" now that I was home and single. Ricky must have been REALLY nudging because he gave Ryan a set of hockey tickets and told him to take me!

Ryan standing outside clearly waiting for me actually didn't surprise me. We ran with the same group of friends now and so I thought he was just being polite. Little did I know he was about to ask me out on a date.

Poor guy....I actually said no! But he didn't stop 12 hours later, he called me and asked again. Finally, after some words on encouragement, I agreed.

It was a great date (Thanks Ricky!) and it lead to many more! To be honest however, while dating Ryan, I had made the decision I wasn't ready to be in a relationship!

The poor boy liked me, and affirmed this really early and I was being closed off. Too scared to get hurt or to rush into things. One of Ryan's best attributes is being patient, finally on January 1st, I agreed to be his girlfriend.

Our first picture together.

We have had an amazing 3 years of dating. Trips, fun times, laughs, tears, fights and lots of memories!

Now that our dating relationship is over and we are moving towards being married their are alot of unknowns. I'm not worried at all, because I have my best friend by my side along the way.

Read the engagement story here.

Have a great day!



  1. Awww, that is so sweet Lindsay! Congrats again to you and Ryan, such a fun and exciting time! The year will come and go before you know it so enjoy every moment!

  2. Aww you're such a mush-face! :)

  3. Don't worry, I wasn't rolling my eyes... For once, I will let you jump a year ahead in time and get excited about it, because this time it's different. It's not like it's June and you're saying, "I can't wait for my birthday in October!!" haha!! One year from now, things are going to be pretty exciting around here...!!!

  4. Awe, I wondered how it all happened! You must have been reading my mind!

    I love a good story!!!

    on a side note, you know how I wrote out my whole story last year... well I found a place on line to move it into a book and that's going to be hubby's one year wedding present (you know paper for the 1st year, or do you guys follow those traditions?)

  5. Didn't know Ricky had such an impact...maybe HE should have been your maid of honor Linds! LOL

  6. oh my goodness. that was so sweet! Thanks for sharing what you're loving today

  7. What a great story on how your oaths crossed! Loved it...hope the year goes fast!! What a beautiful time of year to get married!!

  8. Not too mushy at all!!! Enjoy this year, its going to go by way to fast!!!