Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Randomness!

Remember how I thought at the beginning of the week that I thought this week was going to fly by? I WAS WRONG!!! I totally jinxed myself! At least it's Friday now although the rainy weather is kind of depressing! It's hard to be a turf farmer when there is no sun! GRRR.....

- Every Friday the ladies at the office decide on what is going to be "Friday lunch" which is always something special. We get to eat out today and when asking for suggestions, I said Chinese food.....I HATE Chinese food! I guess it's just a random craving. No, I'm not pregnant!

- I seriously always have the weirdest dreams. Last night I dreamt that it was right before our wedding and I just found out Ryan was already married for the second time! Weird.

- Last night was Zumba and I rocked it out! I'm kind of glad that I don't live with someone right now because every Thursday when I get home from Zumba, I go and get ready for bed. While brushing my teeth I dance in front of the mirror just to see what these moves really look like! I look like a dork! ha ha!

- Tonight Ryan and I have to go and get groceries in the city. We decided we'd go to East Side Mario's for supper. The first thing that I did when I got to work this morning? Go online to see if I could get a coupon for East Sides....I'm addicted to coupons!

- Speaking of addicted....Ever since I planted my veggie garden on Monday I am constantly walking over to it to see if it grew! Sometimes, I say, "come on little seeds, start growing please". I heard talking to you plants helps? :-)

- The other day I was watching Ryan play baseball. The ball field is right near the Ottawa River so the mosquito's were really bad! They were so vicious that they actually started biking me through my clothes, including jeans! Oh well, it was still fun to visit with Josee and watch Ryan hit a home run! What's a little blood transfusion anyway?

- This morning Andrew, who is one of our sales reps. came from the city with a Tim Horton's coffee for me...I pretty much jumped up, squealed and then gave him a big hug! Doesn't take much eh? I love my Timmy's!!!

Anyways, those are all the things that are going through my head right now, a little nutty? Ya, but that's me! I'm a nut! :-P

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. You only LOVE Tim Hortons when someone else buys it for you and you get an actual coffee as opposed to just hot water...haha!!

  2. Ha ha, I'm proud to say that Ive grown past my hot water stage! Besides, I get free coffee at the office every morning! It just doesn't taste as good as timmy's! :-)

  3. Don't you love how something odd you do (crave a food you don't normally, chop off your hair) you always have to end with... No I'm not pregnant...

    A friend of mine when she was preg dreamed her hubs cheated on her, a lot.

    If you are talking to the plants, you are giving off their fuel... Carbon Dioxide :)

    and I heard, dunno how true it is, but if you put a bounce sheet on you it keeps something away, either mosquitoes or bees. I forget which... LOL