Friday, January 6, 2012

Internet…My Personal Style Thanks You!

I think anyone who regularly reads my blog now would know that I don’t really talk much about clothes, makeup or hair. I don’t actually consider myself all that “style savvy”. Do I like to look good? Of course! Who doesn’t? I try to put a little effort into the way I present myself but I don’t have a need to regularly do so.

You see, I work on a farm. I wear a uniform that is the same pretty much every day of the week. I work with 30-40 guys and I hardly have face-to-face interaction with people. In the summer I wear work boots and at any time could be lifting multiple 50 pound dusty bags of seed and fertilizer. Not to mention I’m up at 4 AM and work till 5-6 PM. There just isn’t a need in my profession to dress cute, wear makeup or do my hair.

 Royal Wedding 1 011

Jilly and I at the office in our work clothes, drinking Mimosa’s celebrating the royal wedding! Ya, I love where I work! ha ha! 

But, I’m still a girl! And I like pretty things! So, when I get the chance, like when Ryan and I are going somewhere, I like to put more effort into my appearance. As a girl, I am always looking for new ideas and trying to stay with the latest trends. The internet (blogs and Pinterest mostly) have really helped guide me to be more fashionable!

When Pinterest became popular I joined the site like many other people did. I wasn’t really that into it at first because I just didn’t understand it. Now, although I still don’t use it regularly, I LOVE that I can find so many great wedding ideas, recipes, decorating and style ideas….Especially, this look:



I recently became the owner of a beautiful mustard yellow cardigan and have been wearing it lots! I love the color and I love mixing and matching it with different things from my closet. I couldn’t resist trying out the look from Pinterest for a Christmas potluck!

Christmas weekend before Christmas 012

My hair is kind of boring. It is “virgin hair” which means it has no dye in it. My hair is also thin and naturally straight. My idea of “styling” my hair is showering, combing it wet and that’s it! I know, exciting! ha ha! But what can I say? I’m low maintenance.

About a month ago I started following The Small Things Blog where there are tons of great hair tips and styling ideas! When I saw this style I thought I'd give it a try for another Christmas potluck!

 Christmas weekend before Christmas 002

xmas gift exchange

Success! I loved the look and it was so easy. It held my hair back and out of my face!

One of my favorite blogs is Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. She has great style and I love when she does her What I Wore Wednesday found here, here, here and here. She takes item that are already in her closet and makes outfits without repeating!

This particular post (week II) I commented and said how much I loved her boots and the socks. I asked where she got them. She wrote me back and said they were just knee high socks. I went out and got a $5 dollar pair that weekend and been wearing them with my boots since! I love the look and I am LOVING the extra warmth!

Outfit 005

Not to mention I combined a cardigan and plaid scarf inspired by this pin.



Outfit 008

My version

From head to toe I get most of my style ideas now from the internet. Whether it is from some amazing blogging ladies or a social pinning website the inspiration is endless and appreciated!

Where do you get your ideas from?

Happy Friday!



  1. I am by no means fashionable and have the hardest time imagining outfits on myself, even if I love them.

    Love all of the looks Lindsay, you definitely pull them off well.

  2. Soooo cute!! Love your new cardigan and the end look looks awesome on you :-D Happy to have "helped" hahah! Have a great weekend!

  3. haha, yeah I'm just not stylish :)

  4. haha I did a post on Pinterest today too! I joined yesterday and I'm pinning everything. I'm completely addicted.

  5. OMG .. you look fantastic .. Me + You need to go shopping .. you have some style!!!!!! I need some more .. I have none .. LOL