Friday, January 27, 2012

Reason #3 Why I Love My Small Town


Happy Friday everyone! It has been one heck of a busy week that I am kind of glad see come to an end! I hate to wish the weeks away right now but this was one that I just wanted to get under wraps!

It’s suppose to be a fun filled weekend and I can’t wait for it to get under way!

Reason # 3 Why I love My Small Town

It might not seem like a reason but you really have no idea how grateful I am for this particular item. It also may sound a little selfish but still so true.

I love the fact that my parents and Ryan’s parent’s live so close to us!

Engagment Supper 010

Silly reason? Maybe. But it is still one of the highest things on my list!

Ryan and I both know that both sets of parents are just a phone call away if we ever need anything! My parents live pretty much 30 seconds away and Ryan’s 10-15 minutes down the highway.

I am kind of a chicken! Especially, since I live by myself. I’ve been known to pack up Tucker and drive down to Mom and Dad’s during a bad thunderstorm! For some strange reason I feel safer there then in my own house.

There’s a comfort knowing that now and in the future that we have the support of our parents who love us and would be there on our door steps in an instant if we ever needed them.

I LOVE that about my small town!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love seeing your car coming in the driveway . It means we get to visit.

    Love You & Ry

  2. I sometimes think that's why I'm to chicken to move away from home... :(

  3. That's so great, to have everyone so close by. It is a comforting thought. I wish my Livvie Love were closer by :(