Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

Welcome to 2012! The holidays are over! It’s now time to get back to reality! Get back on a schedule, clean up and organize!

The weekend started out right and I Ryan and I took the snowmobile out for it’s maiden voyage! Ryan had spent about 2 hours the week before cleaning the machine, top to bottom! It was sparkling! We met up with Jen, Kevin, Sarah and Ian and rode from Shawville back to Quyon.


Saturday morning it snowed, meaning that Ryan and Dad had to head into the city to snow plough. I was suppose to meet Ryan down there so that we could go out for an anniversary supper but the roads were bad!

Once Ryan got home and headed to bed he slept until 9 PM and then we changed and went to ring in the New Year with Kyle and Krista who had just gotten married a few hours prior!

Sunday morning I was relaxed and energized so decided to go ahead and tackle taking down all those Christmas decorations! I’m kind of sad to see them all gone. The house looks so bare without a beautiful Christmas tree in the living room! 

Christmas 022

Sunday afternoon Ryan and I got gussied up and headed to the city to our favorite special dining place, The Keg. We were celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary. It was a really nice meal out and we had fun talking about how next year we will be celebrating wedding anniversary rather then dating anniversary.

Monday was another glorious day off! After sleeping in I had a ton of energy again! Ry has been bugging me for months now to go through the 6 or so containers of my old high school/college storage.

See these boxes?

Christmas 021

They are the boxes of my youth! It was a little crazy going through them and looking back at what interested me at the time. The stuff really did seem ancient to me now but it was fun to look back.

I was super excited about finding this item.

Christmas 023

My old yearbook! I thought I had left this graduation yearbook out west! I was sure I would never read all those signatures because it was lost! Happily I read through them all yesterday laughing at my own appearance and remembering some fun times.

Christmas 026

Christmas 030

After lunch, Jilly picked me up and we went for visit to see Josee, Evan and baby Landyn who made it home for Christmas!

Christmas 017

It was so nice to see this beautiful little boy and get to hold him!

Christmas 014

As small as he is, he has the cutest little facial expressions! It was the perfect way to end the holidays!

Christmas 003

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and that 2012 is a wonderful year for you! I am so looking forward to the year ahead and have a great feeling that it is going to be epic! :-)



  1. Wow, I'd say it snowed... :). That first pic looks like more snow than we usually get down here :). And I think this January is going to be a dry one... we'll see.

    Yes, it does kind of look glum when you take down all the pretty decorations doesn't it.

  2. Chris and I still celebrate our dating anniversary and wedding anniversary... :D

  3. I still get a little tear in my eye when I think of not having a Christmas tree when I go home tonight...

    Love the pics of Landyn!!

  4. Excited to see I made your blog!!!! Hahaha....
    It was great hanging out with you and Ryan on the sleds. Hope we can do it again soon!!! I hate taking down the Christmas decorations too....looks so bare. Have a good week!!!

  5. awesome post, snowmobiling must have been a blast! We took our tree down last thursday. Hard to believe it's already over.