Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Some Random Things

Ok so, it’s official 2012 which means that it’s wedding year! I kind of took a little wedding organizing break in the month of December so that Christmas could get my undivided attention. I enjoyed the holiday season but by January 1st I was already back to wedding mode, thinking about what needed to get done in the new year.

It really is hard to believe that in a little over 4 months (129 days to be exact) time it will be our wedding. I’m so stunned by the beautiful snow and blistery weather that the thought of spring still seems so far away….but it’s not. This week I am on the ball with organizing! There are a few things that needed to be ordered and taken care of.

While I’m busy doing that I thought I would take note of some things that have been taken care of that I can now officially cross off the list.

Hair Bling:

I knew that I wanted to have my hair up for the wedding. My hair is pretty stubborn so the thought of keeping it down just wasn’t going to happen. I always knew that I wanted it back and out of my way! Although I haven’t purchased my veil yet (better add that to the list) I was searching through etsy and found this hair gem and hairstyle.



Via FineNFleurie

I knew immediately that was the perfect little jewel to have in my hair on my wedding day!


Apparently, in my mother’s day’s when you got married you had three things.

1. Matches with your name and date

2. Napkins with your name and date

3. Fruitcake favors

Although we won’t be having two of the items I caved and we ordered napkins with our names and wedding date on them.

Napkins 001

They are in our wedding colors and will be set out at the bar and at the midnight lunch. I have to admit they are kind of cute and will make a cute souvenir for my scrapbook. Good call Mom!

Speaking of Bar:

Etsy is seriously a brides best friend when it comes to finding cute things to add to your wedding day! The bar is a hard place to decorate. I mean between drink tickets and booze bottles it’s just not an attractive area. Then I saw these cuties…


Via isakayboutique

I loved the retro feel of the stripped paper straw and thought it would go perfectly with the whole vintage theme. It’s will dress up the bar area with these on display and make everyone’s drink pretty too! 

During the months of November and December big stuff for the wedding were already planned and things had kind of taken a stand still. Now, I’m excited to get back into the swig of things and start doing some of my DIY projects and other smaller things that need to be done before the wedding!

Even though the list is a little on the long side, I have every Monday off in December and plan on using that day to get things done. I am excited to show you lots of wedding projects!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Don't forget we need to order Flowergirl dresses too!!

  2. That's a gorgeous hairstyle! And one question, your last paragraph says you have off every Monday in December and plan on using that day to get things done... do you mean January? or did you do all that stuff in December. Sorry I'm tired this morning and easily confused.

  3. LOVE the hair comb! It's gorgeous. I've been trying to find something for my hair, but I don't really know what I want yet.

    And I definitely hear you on the taking a step back for November and December. I'm excited to jump back into things.

    Love the napkins too! Where did you get them?

  4. Very pretty hair comb!! Love all of it!! :)

  5. So cute! Those straws are adorable. And the yellow? Sooo cheery!! The comb is STUNNING, it's going to look so beautiful!

  6. I tagged you in a post on my blog if you'd like to play along! :)

  7. What no matches! LOL! I love the hair comb, you will be a gorgeous bride! We will have to plan the church service....pretty sure that must be on your list somewhere! Not a rush, though.