Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Traditions We Will Be Keeping And Ones We Won’t

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another week flying right by us!

I’m a pretty traditional girl. I think most of you know or could have guessed that! I like things how people did them in the past. I don’t like to sway to much to “trends”. I like traditions. Scratch that. I LOVE traditions. I can actually get quite anxious at the thought of something being out of the ordinary for me.

So, no doubt, when we began this wedding planning process I wanted to keep a lot of things traditional, but not everything.

Traditions We’re Keeping:

Asking Father’s Permission:

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Before this whole process began my future husband and I had talked about getting married before. During that conversation I had mentioned it was important for Ryan to ask Dad for his permission to marry me.

It may have been very old school but I’m a Daddy’s girl and it was important to me. Luckily, my fiancé obliged and Dad said “yes”.


Wearing White:

As daunting as the wedding dress shopping was at first, I was able to cross that very important item off my list and say “yes” to my white wedding dress! I couldn’t (personally) imagine getting married in any other color.

Tossing Of The Bouquet and Garter: 

I will definitely be carrying a bridal bouquet and wearing a garter.


That’s my new garter that I got at this AWESOME etsy shop called the GarterBoutique.

I loved that it was very affordable and in my wedding colors! There’s 2 pieces to it, a keep and a toss garter.

So, at the end of the night Ryan and I will be continuing the tradition of tossing the bouquet and garter.

Last Dance/ Leaving For Honeymoon:

One tradition that was important to me but that I had noticed wasn’t common anymore is the last dance and sending off.

My mother still has her “going away” outfit that she wore back in 1978.

Back when my parents got married my Mom changed out of her wedding dress and then into a going away outfit. Then, Mom and Dad shared a last dance before leaving to go on their honeymoon!

Being that Ryan and I plan on leaving right away on our honeymoon we thought it would be nice to be able to share one last dance together. We will then say farewell to our guests and leave, symbolizing starting out lives together as husband and wife.

Wait till you see my “going away” dress. (Next week)

Traditions we won’t be keeping:

The Trousseau Tea:

I was so confused when my mom told me about the Trousseau Tea. I even gave her the “what the heck are you talking about” look!

Apparently, this is a party that is hosted by the bride’s mother; with neighbors and acquaintances who are not on the wedding guest list. The mother of the bride would lay out the brides trousseau (bridal shower and wedding gifts) for the attendees to admire. It would be set up for about a month after the wedding so that people can stop in at anytime to have tea and admire all of the gifts and give their blessings to the bride and groom.

Mom stated that this is what happened to her. In fact, my grandma opened all of Mom and Dad’s wedding gifts while they were on their honeymoon so she could set them out to begin the trousseau tea while they were away.

Although the thought is nice it’s just not common anymore and a tradition we won’t be participating in.

Wedding Matches and Fruit Cake:

Although I did cave to the whole napkin with your names on it thing. When I was told you were also suppose to give away matches and fruit cake at your wedding, I said no.

For one thing, I don’t know that many people who still use matches.

Also, I hate fruit cake. It’s a taste I never became accustomed to and will not be serving. 

Now that the wedding get’s closer and closer the small details are needing to be taken care of. It’s the things that you never thought of and last minute details that have to be looked after. As daunting as the tasks can be it is so important to stay organized, use your gut instinct to make your decisions and always consider what is best for you!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Very nice garter, it looks sooo shiny!! LOL
    I agree with the fruitcake - that is soooo old school. The tea thing is sorta comical...i could see Aunt Sue getting all excited while you guys are away and just tearing open the presents!!

  2. We are doing all of the same traditions, except for the going away outfit. I love my dress so much I want to wear it as long as possible.

    I agree with you on the fruit cake, but I'm still doing it. My grandmother has made it for every one of our wedding's and I just didn't have the heart to say no.

  3. I agree fruit cake and matches are old school, sorta tacky haha...most people dont smoke anymore anyway!

  4. My mom still has her going away outfit too!!! That's so funny! I stayed in my dress all night and couldn't imagine leaving the party early. After all that hard work planning I wanted to enjoy every last minute of it. And we did - Kev and I were the last to leave our reception. I did the tea thing...well, we didn't serve tea, but my shower gifts were put on display at my Mom's. She was all over it so I just went with the flow. (I opened my own wedding gifts though and they just stayed at my house!) Love the garder! Mine was the same but brown.

  5. Wow, I'd never heard about the tea either.

    Are going away outfits not common anymore? I changed out of my dress there and left in something else, plus my cowboy boots, but that's just cause my feet hurt :)

  6. I would have bitten the head off anyone who opened my wedding gifts! We had a western Canadian tradition of a present opening party the day after the wedding at the bride's house. That worked well, we didn't have a honeymoon until our 30th anniversary and then we brought Livvie along to Jamaica! Reg and I moved to Germany 10 days after we were married, and were too poor for a trip. I changed into my going away outfit, a beautiful blue dress before we left for our wedding night at a motel.

    I don't smoke, but would have used the matches at church to light the candles. I had fruitcake, we saved a layer for the twin's baptism, but I don't think we actually ate it after 5 years in my Mom's freezer!

  7. We did the trousseau tea thing. Mom was so excited to display the gifts, I didn't care, but Mike wasn't impressed. Everything else we didn't do, except we stayed till the end of our reception. We didn't want to miss anything! Sheila