Monday, May 28, 2012

Canada Golf Tournament 2012


Happy Monday!  It was one heck of a fun and exciting weekend! One that is anticipated all year all. The Canada Day Golf Tournament!

Friday afternoon I started the weekend out by getting a haircut! I had been growing my hair out long for the wedding. It was all pretty much all one length to make wedding updo a little easier. Once I got back from the honeymoon I couldn’t wait to get my hair cut! I was so sick of the long, boring style!

hair before


I chopped 4 inches off and it feels so much lighter and healthier! It’s nice and bouncy with all the layers!

hair cut


Saturday morning I was up early for work! I only worked most of the morning. Then, I loaded up my golf clubs and headed to the golf course! My teammates and I loaded up the carts and off we went!

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2012 004 

We had WAY too much fun on the course! Giggling until there were tears streaming down our faces! Our golf game wasn’t the best but we did have fun!

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2012 017

Josee and I in our cart!

After the game we hung around the clubhouse and later, headed to the Beachbarn for a yummy steak supper! Always such a great meal!

The party was just getting started when we actually packed up and left. We were going to a stag in the city for my lovely cousin Shannon and her soon-to-be husband, Casey!

shan and caseys stag 2

It was a great party at the legion in Vanier! Everyone was having so much fun listening to karaoke and dancing away!

shan and caseys stag 3

Ryan and I had so much fun celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my very dear friend and cousin!

shan and caseys stag

We did head back to the Beachbarn for the tail end of the party and then did a little road tour to drop some friends off! All in all, it was a fun and busy day/evening!

Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, we were up too early! We were feeling pretty energized so decided to make a big breakfast and invite my parent’s over.

After breakfast we finally opened all of the wedding presents! It was so awesome reading all the sweet messages and opening all the beautiful presents!

That afternoon Mom, Jill and I headed to Shawville for a wine tasting. The first every in our small town! A local artisan group was hosting a wine tasting as a fundraiser. The food and wine pairings were wonderful and I can finally cross that item off of my 101 list!

wine tasting

How was your weekend?


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  1. Thanks so much for coming out to the stag! We were so happy to see you, Ryan, Auntie Sue and Uncle Bill out :) love you xoxox