Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Ready For Wedding Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I actually stopped mid-tooth brushing to remind myself what had all gone on that weekend! It went by in a blur but it was so full of activity!

Friday night my plan was to snuggle into with a movie and get those wedding favors done. Friday morning, my MOH, Jilly came up the stairs with the biggest grin on her face. You could tell right away she was up to something.

She asked me what I was doing that evening with a giggle. After she told me that I had to come to her house to watch Cocktail with that same grin on her face I knew there must be a shower!

I don’t know how all of my closest girlfriends were able to keep that shower from me for so long but they did, bravo! It was a SUPER fun evening with lots of yummy shower food, gifts and gab with all wonderful ladies who I get to call friend! It was so nice to be able to look around the room at all of the friends, from different stages of life. I am so lucky to have such amazing girls in my life!

Saturday morning I was up WAY too early! Being up at 4 AM on regular work days really screws up your schedule! 5 AM, Saturday morning I was wide awake and ready to start the day! Of course, no one else was so I just had to lay there quietly and watch T.V.

Once the day got rolling, we got the bottles of wine labeled and my car cleaned out from the evening before. By 9 AM, I was beat and while Dad and Ry worked on a construction project. I napped for an hour. I woke up so refreshed and immediately got to work on planting all of my new plants for the year! I am so excited to have them all done so early! With a wedding in early May, my flowerbeds/garden/pots are all in tip top shape for the rest of the season!



One of my potted plants in a new pot from Sarah and Brenda at my shower the night before, LOVE!

I cleaned up all of the soil and then headed inside to get more wedding projects done. One being our family heirloom windows which you can read about on Wednesday.

That afternoon, Ryan and I had to head to the city to get him a new white dress shirt for the wedding! We also picked up stuff for the pool (getting it ready for pool party season!), and then off to supper at the Lonestar.

I actually think this was a random but wonderful idea. Just me and Ry our for supper exactly 1 week before we tie the knot. Let me clear something up for you all. If you think planning a wedding brings you closer to your guy, you are wrong! I don’t think we have ever spend more time apart! But on Saturday we were able to sit, reflect and talk about what we will be doing at that exact moment next week!


And Lonestar does make the best Caesars and fajitas! Yum!

Sunday morning Ryan and I walked to and from church. After church, Mom picked me up and we headed to a bridal shower in honor of my first cousin and friend, Shannon! It was fun chatting with the girls

shans shower 1

Jilly holding Tanner

shans shower

and watching Shan open all of her gifts!

After the shower I got home and got to work on putting all of those wedding favors together! I am very pleased that I was able to finish them all up this weekend! Last BIG project before wedding! Woo Hoo!


For supper, Ryan and I really didn’t want to cook so we opted for Mae’s! After Mae’s we were driving around Quyon and spotted Maddy playing outside. We stopped and we had fun playing with her in the car for a while! haha!

me and maddy

Overall, it was a super fun weekend! It was so full of activity and I was able to get so much done for the wedding! My last weekend as an unmarried women! Wow!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Flower Pots look great, glad you liked them!
    5 days!

  2. Wow girl! You had like 12 showers! What great people you have in your life! And love the Flower pots. I can't wait to have a house so I can FINALLY plant things!

  3. cant believe you were allowed to use the planters LOL and how exactly did I miss you being at my house last night...apparently i have to watch my kid more closely when outside LOL