Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leading Up To Wedding And Morning Of… Via Iphone


Happy Wednesday everyone! Ryan and I have been working away at getting things back in order and back to “normal”. I feel like we are getting there. It’s going to be a while but we have progress.

Have I ever mentioned before how much I love my phone? I really do. The picture quality is great and for just a quick snap shot it works great! I love that I can go through the pictures of all the memories.

There were days leading up to the wedding that were so busy! I had worked so hard at getting little details done but there were many things that I couldn’t do until that week!

I knew things were going to be so busy and my poor puppy would be getting the short end of the stick. I had made the VERY difficult decision to bring him to a boarding place on the Wednesday before the wedding. That morning, when I packed him up. He knew something was up.


Where are you taking me?!?!?”

Thankfully we stayed at a great boarders and he is happy and at home with me now! :-)

After I dropped Tucker off on Wednesday morning I headed to the city to pick up MY DRESS! Yes, 3 days before the wedding…I was cutting it close! ha ha!

But the wonderful Jasmine from The White Dress had it all packaged up and ready for me. We loaded it in the car (getting a few stares from by standers) and I was ready for home! It was a huge relief having my dress finally at home with me!


I would be lying if I said I didn’t rock out to this song a million times that week! It seemed to be my theme song!

call me maybe

(Yes I am listening to Radio Disney!)

Thursday was a big day! It was the day that we finally got possession of the reception hall! Between 3 cars full and one truck (with trailer) we got all the stuff up there! On Friday, my AMAZING decorator, Ilene, was wonderful and set all my the things that I thought of and made around the hall! It was awesome watching my vision all come together!

the hall

Friday night I did exactly what I wanted to do. NOTHING. My parents and I picked up wings/fries from the local bar, Gavans. We ate, talked and watched T.V. It was the perfect quiet evening.

Finally, the morning of my wedding had come! I slept so well the night before! I woke up rested and this was my view while I was lying in bed:

wedding morning 2

What a feeling! To wake up the morning of your wedding staring straight into your dress and veil! Wow!

My lovely MOH and bridesmaids arrived early and I was SO excited to see them! We chatted around coffee and breakfast while we waited to all get our hair and makeup done!

They all kept saying all morning how calm I was. In reality I was. I was so enjoying chilling, chatting and getting ready with my girls. It almost felt like we were having a slumber party versus getting ready for a wedding!


Jill’s hair half done


Amanda’s hair half done


Bekk’s hair all done.

Don’t worry. I did have my moment of realization when I opened my card and gift from Ryan! I started crying like a baby! Opening his gift brought me back to the reality of, yes I am getting married!

After getting dressed and putting on the final touches we were ready to go! Waiting for the time to come to all load in the car was hard! I was ready and just wanted to get this show on the road! I wanted to go to the church and see my man at the end of the aisle!

It was finally time to go but not before I got one last iphone picture. All of us girls ready for the church!

wedding morning

Reflecting on the days and moments before the wedding is so special. It gives me the same butterfly feeling that I had then. It was such a fun time getting ready and leading up the wedding. I was no longer counting the days but the hours, the minutes. Those are the final days as an unmarried woman that I will remember and cherish. I am so thankful for the wonderful technology of my iphone to be able to capture some of those moments.



  1. Great post Lindsay!!! And I must say Jason and I had the best time at your's and Ryan's wedding you looked stunning and Ryan so handsome!!! Thank you so much for sharing your big day with us!!!


  2. LOVE that you took pics of everything as you went along! I hope I can remember that! The bridesmaid necklaces are gorgeous too!

  3. Beautiful shot from your bed in the morning! OH so exciting :-D

  4. It was a wonderful day! So fun looking back on it now... :)

  5. YAY! :) I can't wait to see the rest of the recaps!!

  6. Loved the candy bar - I made the mistake of asking Luke to get me some candy - he filled a bag and I think I gained 5 lbs - lol..... You looked fabulous and the reception hall was gorgeous!!

  7. Wasn't that a day to remember! Love the wakeup picture! I have some pictures on facebook, casual ones, but a gorgeous one of you and Jillian.