Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girls Getting Ready – Part 1


Happy Wednesday guys! It really doesn’t feel like Wednesday today which is another reason why I love long weekends, the following week goes by in a blink! Last night I was in the organization mood. I took EVERYTHING out of my linen closet so that I could properly store wedding presents such as towels, bedding and blankets.

I thought a while ago that wedding things were going to quiet down. I thought the excitement was over. Boy, was I ever wrong. Between going through all the lovely gifts, ordering thank you cards, writing thank you cards, getting wedding pictures and the wedding video! The excitement isn’t over and I’ve been enjoying reliving the day again.

Throughout the whole morning of the wedding I was so calm. Never did I panic or feel overwhelmed. I was so excited and very sure of what I was about to do. One thing that really added to my calm was the fact that all the girls and I got ready at my parent’s house. Everything from hair, makeup and getting dressed was all done in the comfort of my parent’s place.


I was up early (of course) and was sipping on a coffee when the first bridesmaid arrived! I was so excited to for someone (non family) to get there so that it could REALLY feel like it was wedding prep time!

The morning felt slow, relaxed and fun. We snacked on lots of food, drank coffee and juice and just sat around chatting. It was like a big slumber party.


As all the girls got their hair done I had so much fun watching them.


The flower girls were both so good and sat quickly to get their hair done! They looked so adorable.



When it was finally my time to get ready it started to get real.


When they were done with my hair and makeup it was veil time. I started getting butterflies but mostly because I had my girls around me watching. I get a little shy with all the attention.


When they put the veil on my head and adjusted it all I couldn’t help but smirk into the mirror. It was perfect. Just as I had imagine. I looked like myself and not over done.



All of us girls were gussied up in record time and AHEAD of schedule so we all chatted and laughed over a few slices of pizza. It was the perfect morning.


Finally, it was time for the final step….

Getting dressed!

Happy Wednesday



  1. It was such a fun morning! You were SO calm!! Love looking back on the pictures. :)

  2. How exciting!! :) You look GORGEOUS in that one with the veil.

  3. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Can't wait to ready more!