Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Yes, I Think I Will Relax This Weekend


Happy Monday everyone! Another weekend flew by. And unfortunately, all these promises of rain from last night and not even a drop! What the heck! I don’t usually ask for prayers on this little blog but this farming community is desperate for some drought relief!

You know those weekends that are so jammed packed with stuff to do that you need a whole other day to recuperate? This wasn’t one of them!

For once, this summery weekend was filled with more relaxation then activity. And, it was glorious!

I hate to sound lazy but after a super stressful week at work I needed some down time. Some me time!

Unfortunately, we had to shut out irrigation off on Thursday. This little sod farm has been without water now for almost 4 days. The river is too low and our pipes were just sucking up sand. Thankfully, we could get a new part but had to drive to Delhi, Ontario (close to London) to get it! Yikes!

My husband and another employee from the farm (and our friend and wedding M.C) Pat, volunteered to do take time out of their weekend to go get it. They left Friday morning.

What did that mean for me? A Friday, with nothing to do and the house to myself. Yipee!

I love my husband but the alone time was awesome! It was so peaceful! I made this for supper:

Deep River 7

And then proceeded to organize my closet (yes, organizing relaxes me!), watch mindless television and fall asleep at 8:30 PM. Wild Friday night! :-)

It was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday morning I woke up rested and ready to start the day. I was up and driving to the grocery store so early I figured I should document it.

Deep River 6

By mid-morning I was back home, groceries put away and pantry organized. With nothing more to do I did one of my most favorite things, NAPPED!

I had gotten a text from Ryan saying that he would be home around 6. So, I went ahead and made myself an early supper. I may or may not have napped through lunch! Woops!

It was nice to have Ryan home. But there was no resting for him! Immediately, we got ready and headed to Norway Bay, Quebec to visit with friends and then head over to a stag for friends Shawn and Vee! It was a great party and a great time catching up with friends!

I still giggle at the thoughts of Sunday morning. If you have ever seen the Tostitos commercial you’ll get it. The conversation went like this:

Lindsay rolls over and checks the clock. She jumps up and says,

Lindsay: Ryan, it’s 9:30!!!!!

Ryan: No, way! No, way!!! Let me see the time!

Ryan takes Lindsay’s phone and stares at the time.

Ryan & Lindsay: WE SLEPT IN!!!!! OMG! WE SLEPT IN!!!

I still can’t believe that we slept in that late. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had just a long and undisturbed sleep.

Being that we were so rested and they were calling for a raining day (HA!), we deiced to hit the road for a road tour!

First stop was the car wash. Ryan insisted we couldn’t have a road tour in a dirty car!

Deep River 5

Then the next stop was Deep River where we stopped at the Bears Den for lunch. The food was so good and it was so fun to try a new spot! I had the coconut chicken curry soup and perogies! Yum!

Deep River 4

After a quick stop at the Canadian Tire, we headed to the Laurentian Dairy. A GIANT ice cream parlor/restaurant with every kind of ice cream flavor you can think of!

Deep River 3

We grabbed our favorites. One scoop of cheery cheesecake and one scoop of cookie dough for me. Tiger tail for Ryan.

Deep River 2

Ryan drove us down to the Deep River marina where we sat on their newly build historic boardwalk. We enjoyed the view, ate our ice cream and talked about how perfect this boardwalk would be in our small town!

Deep River 1

The 2 hour drive home went by in a blink since we were both high on sugar and couldn’t stop being silly.

Unfortunately, this wonderful weekend had to come to an end. This morning I feel so rejuvenated and rested. It was so nice having a little quiet alone time and then getting to go on an impromptu road tour! Perfect weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. I love random road tours! Looks like Deep River was fun, never been there!

  2. holy far road tour...what exactly was that that you made for supper on Friday night? can't really tell by the pictures LOL and hard to believe you would nap!! LOL

  3. Your road tour sounds like the only thing missing from my weekend... but I guess I'll get mine next weekend! ;) Yay for relaxing weekends!!