Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal


Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m happy to say that your prayers worked and yesterday we did get some rain! It was like pennies from heaven. The heat is so bad around these parts that our house is sweltering so we’ve been hibernating in our cool basement. It’s kind of like camping out in our own home.

As my brother was taking some company pictures with his camera yesterday, he discovered some long lost rehearsal pictures! I couldn’t let a post past without creating some memory of this fun night.

Being that our wedding was on Saturday, we wanted to rehearsal to be the week of but not the day before. Knowing that we had possession of the hall on Thursday I thought Wednesday would be one of the quietest days to have it. Not to mention it worked out perfectly with both ministers.

Everyone gathered at our family church for the rehearsal on Wednesday, May 9th at 6 PM.


After all the introductions it was time to get the show started. There was a bit of confusion as far as getting started, organizing music timing and how the ceremony was to take place.


After all the details were worked out it was REALLY time to try out walking down the aisle.



Faith just kept saying “I so excited!”


When it was mine and dad’s time I started to get butterflies. It felt a little real at that point.


We ran through the ceremony which was a breeze! My wonderful student minister, Nancy had everything all ready to practice.


We also practiced signing the registries.


Then, we did it all over again. Well, not the ceremony part but the entrance was a little shaky and confusing still so a second time was needed.

After the rehearsal everyone headed to my parent’s house for a casual evening with included drinks, BBQ supper and presenting everyone with their gifts.

The rehearsal was really one aspect of the wedding that I never really stressed or obsessed about planning. My idea was to run it through and then have a casual get together. Exactly what happened.

What I didn’t expect was how I would feel during the rehearsal. I felt a tab bit stressed (during unorganized moments) and full of butterflies.


I kind of secretly worried that practicing through the ceremony would take away some of the romance of the day.

In reality, it’s not the case at all. Although you do the same thing all over again on your wedding day it is a completely different feeling. The rehearsal is there so that there is no stress on the wedding day and you know what to expect!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I like that Nancy & Rev. Hobbs don't read every thing that is going to be said during the actual ceremony during the rehearsal - it saves the magic for the special day :)

  2. So something I learned, in years past, the gals didn't walk down the aisle in rehearsal with their dads. They got someone to fill in for them and they sat and watched because a lady is only supposed to walk down the aisle once in her life. ha! Someone told me that when they found out I did the rehearsal and they looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

  3. Cute pics! And OMG why weren't you showing up in my reader feed! ACK!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Lindsay and Jillian....I miss you and all my congregation. It was a bit stressful, but I felt really well prepared and thrilled to be a part of this joyous celebration, thanks. Now I miss my sweetie Reg, as I saw him in one of the pictures...can you tell I am ready to come home?