Monday, July 9, 2012

Wow! What A Weekend!


Happy Monday! I have to say, this has been one of the best weekends (thus far) this summer! It didn’t go by too quickly but it was so full of fun with friends!

Friday afternoon started out with a little more work. With all the drought we need to constantly look after our irrigation system. Days, nights or weekends. It doesn’t matter, this farm has got to keep the crop alive! Of course I was still wearing my office clothes (aka a skirt) and threw on a pair of crocs! True farm girl fashion! ha ha!

irrigation 2


Saturday morning we were up with the birds to get things done for the afternoon. We wanted to give ourselves enough time to run up and visit a precious new baby boy!

Daniel and pool parties 009

It was great seeing the new family! Big sister Charlotte was especially “hamming” it up.

Daniel and pool parties 011

Daniel and pool parties 015

Congrats guys on your new extended family!

Ryan and I quickly stopped in at his parents place to wish his Aunt Shirley a very happy 40th birthday!

At home, we got the last minute preparations done for the Canada Day Committee party! After Canada Day being such a big success it was time to celebrate the accomplishments with a big pool party!

There was great food and drinks (yummy Wayne Caesars!).

Daniel and pool parties 018

Fun in and by the pool.

Daniel and pool parties 020

Not to mention a few riveting games of Texas Horseshoes!

Daniel and pool parties 027

Towards the end of the evening it was time to get off some fireworks! It was a great show, like Canada Day part 2!

Daniel and pool parties 039

I have the best husband in the world! At 6:30 AM he was up early and got to cleaning up from the night before. He told me to sleep in and he would take care of the mess. By the time it was time for me to get up at 8 AM, everything was done and the place was sparkling like new again! Thanks Hun!

Mid-day Ryan’s Aunt Lynn and family (Hi Michelle, Dean, Charlotte and Amelia!) came for a visit! We had a blast driving around the farm, especially through the sprinklers, and visiting with them! After a quick lunch at Mae’s they loaded up to head back home but we can’t for the next time we see them!

After relaxing for a bit in the afternoon I did some supper prep because we were having some VERY special guests over for a swim, visit and supper!

Ryan has been a close friend of the families for a long time and one of my best guy friends, he is practically my second brother! Ryan has been promising a visit for years! Finally, I insisted that he FINALLY comes over and Sunday was the day.

Ryan, his wife Natasha and baby boy Brayden arrived in the afternoon for some fun. Joined by myself, Ryan and my brother and his family we had an amazing time visiting, swimming, and catching up!

Daniel and pool parties 053

Faith had so much fun playing with Brayden and showing off her big sister skills!

Daniel and pool parties 084

Daniel and pool parties 057

She is such a ham!

Daniel and pool parties 050

So is Clark! ha ha!

Daniel and pool parties 071

Daniel and pool parties 063

Daniel and pool parties 074

Showing off the irrigation in the back yard!

It was so great to have the Schieber family over (finally) and we can’t wait for the next visit!

How was your weekend?



  1. What a weekend indeed! Goooood times :)

  2. Your weekends always seem so fun!! Ours consisted of a trip to Walmart and a craft fair!